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Woman Wearing Beige Dress with Beige Cardigan Posing

Should You Wear a Cardigan Over a Dress for Wedding


You may be conflicted about what to wear a wedding as a guest. If you have concerns about the temperature and how you might feel alternatively too cold or too hot at times, you could be considering wearing a sweater, jacket or cardigan to the wedding.

Should you wear a cardigan to a wedding? Is that a fashion faux pas or is there a better answer? I understand that the bride isn’t the only one there’s usually antsy and anxious on the wedding day.

If you are a Bride and looking for something to wear over your Wedding dress when it gets cold, a cardigan may not be suitable, you’d be better sourcing something from a Bridal Boutique.

A lot of the guests worry that they might be distracting from the ceremony or stand out too much in the pictures or they might not be making the bride happy with what they wear.

All of these are valid concerns, especially in today’s picture-centric weddings, so let’s dive into the idea of a wedding cardigan and if it’s ever a good choice.

Cardigan over Dress for Wedding- Is It Okay?

When chosen well and paired properly, a cardigan over dress for wedding can work really well. It can be stylish, cute, and a perfect outfit match.

You want something that will be comfortable so that you won’t feel like you need to keep taking it on and putting it off throughout the wedding. That can be distracting, and you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention when it’s not your big day. Make sure you’re wearing something that’s a good fit and that provides the kind of warmth you want if you’re going to be at an outdoor event.

Keep in mind that some weddings start indoors and then go outdoors for pictures.

The cardigan can be a good choice if you’re going out into nippy, cold weather and you don’t have a jacket to go well with your outfit. Remember that pictures will be taken all throughout the wedding at most modern wedding events. There will probably be professional photographers prowling the entire ceremony as well as the reception party and dinner. You could end up in shots at any time, and even if it’s in the background, you want to make sure that your outfit looks good.

Choosing a cardigan over dress for wedding party look is fine as long as you have one that creates a pleasant overall look with your dress. Consider how the colors work together and if there are any clashing patterns or styles. Some cardigans look really frumpy or goofy, and those aren’t the kind of looks you want to end up with for a wedding event.

Be sure to choose a cardigan that improves the outfit you are wearing rather than taking away from it. That way, you won’t feel out of place when you feel cold and you want to slip it on.

What Dress to Wear with Cardigan for Wedding?

We talked about choosing the right cardigan, and now let’s talk about the kind of dress you might wear with a cardigan.

If you’re wearing a lengthy dress with long sleeves and lots of coverage up top, a cardigan may not even be necessary. Of course, you can always throw a cardigan on top of your dress, so long as the two go together well. It’s probably redundant and usually considered a fashion faux pas to put a cardigan over a long sleeve dress. It works best with short sleeved or strappy dresses.

Keep in mind that there may be a color theme for the wedding, particularly if you are in the bridal party. Make sure that your dress and cardigan are on point for the theme. That may mean buying a dress or cardigan especially for the occasion. It’s definitely best to choose something you will feel comfortable wearing again, so keep that in mind as you do your shopping.

Closing Thoughts

So, should you wear a cardigan over a dress to a wedding? It’s perfectly fine as long as you’ve been careful with your choice. You don’t want your look to stand out too much and pull a lot of attention away from the bride. You also want to make sure you’re comfortable with how you look in wedding pictures with the cardigan on.

Keep in mind that this isn’t piece of clothing that you can just take off and stuff in a bag if you’re not happy with how it looks and feels at the moment. You will be carrying it around with you the entire time unless you have some place to stow it.

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