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Exercise: Know Your Box Jumps From Power Squats

What are the benefits of some of the most popular exercise workouts? Our team of writers look at some of the myths, facts and guides behind answers your questions.

Workouts: What Gets You Fit And Fights the Fat?

From bodyweight workouts to all the latest gym tech Our team tell it like it is and keep you at the cutting edge of performance with guides and tips designed to keep you in shape.

Fitness Equipment: Do You Know Your Rollers From Your Running Vest?

Do rollers work? What should you do with a medicine ball?  Our experts answer all your questions about what is the best fitness kit on the market and exactly how you should use it.

Gym Wear: Looking Good And Feeling Good While you Get Fit

It’s not just about looking good, feeling comfortable while you workout is the key to better results. Having the right pants, trainers, running shorts or weighted vest can make a big difference to your routine.