Looking good and feeling good is the first step a happy healthier and more positive life. 

But what does that really mean, our writing team take a look at some of the myths and facts surrounding what it is to be beautiful.

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Spots, pimples and blotchy skin are every man and woman’s worst nightmare when you have a big night out planned. We have some practical tips and advice on how to survive those dreaded outbreaks.

Dry Brush
Jennifer Whyte

How to Clean a Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a relatively new skin care technique that is used for exfoliating and cleaning the skin. It offers a few benefits for your

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From receding hairlines to bald spots and hair loss. Our salon expert team advise on hair health, hair issues and review products.

soft locs in womans hair
Jennifer Whyte

How to Do Soft Locs

Are you looking to install some soft locs in your hair for luxurious, beautiful results? We want to go in depth in this article about

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From the latest foundations to the best way to stop your mascara running. We will share advice on how to apply cosmetics and review the latest products.