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Should You Wear a Cardigan Over a Dress for Wedding

You may be conflicted about what to wear a wedding as a guest. If you have concerns about the temperature and how you might feel alternatively too cold or too hot at times, you could be considering wearing a sweater, jacket or cardigan to the wedding.

Should you wear a cardigan to a wedding? Is that a fashion faux pas or is there a better answer? I understand that the bride isn’t the only one there’s usually antsy and anxious on the wedding day.

A lot of the guests worry that they might be distracting from the ceremony or stand out too much in the pictures or they might not be making the bride happy with what they wear.

All of these are valid concerns, especially in today’s picture-centric weddings, so let’s dive into the idea of a wedding cardigan and if it’s ever a good choice.

Cardigan over Dress for Wedding- Is It Okay?

When chosen well and paired properly, a cardigan over dress for wedding can work really well. It can be stylish, cute, and a perfect outfit match.

You want something that will be comfortable so that you won’t feel like you need to keep taking it on and putting it off throughout the wedding. That can be distracting, and you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention when it’s not your big day. Make sure you’re wearing something that’s a good fit and that provides the kind of warmth you want if you’re going to be at an outdoor event.

Keep in mind that some weddings start indoors and then go outdoors for pictures.

The cardigan can be a good choice if you’re going out into nippy, cold weather and you don’t have a jacket to go well with your outfit. Remember that pictures will be taken all throughout the wedding at most modern wedding events. There will probably be professional photographers prowling the entire ceremony as well as the reception party and dinner. You could end up in shots at any time, and even if it’s in the background, you want to make sure that your outfit looks good.

Choosing a cardigan over dress for wedding party look is fine as long as you have one that creates a pleasant overall look with your dress. Consider how the colors work together and if there are any clashing patterns or styles. Some cardigans look really frumpy or goofy, and those aren’t the kind of looks you want to end up with for a wedding event.

Be sure to choose a cardigan that improves the outfit you are wearing rather than taking away from it. That way, you won’t feel out of place when you feel cold and you want to slip it on.

What Dress to Wear with Cardigan for Wedding?

We talked about choosing the right cardigan, and now let’s talk about the kind of dress you might wear with a cardigan.

If you’re wearing a lengthy dress with long sleeves and lots of coverage up top, a cardigan may not even be necessary. Of course, you can always throw a cardigan on top of your dress, so long as the two go together well. It’s probably redundant and usually considered a fashion faux pas to put a cardigan over a long sleeve dress. It works best with short sleeved or strappy dresses.

Keep in mind that there may be a color theme for the wedding, particularly if you are in the bridal party. Make sure that your dress and cardigan are on point for the theme. That may mean buying a dress or cardigan especially for the occasion. It’s definitely best to choose something you will feel comfortable wearing again, so keep that in mind as you do your shopping.

Closing Thoughts

So, should you wear a cardigan over a dress to a wedding? It’s perfectly fine as long as you’ve been careful with your choice. You don’t want your look to stand out too much and pull a lot of attention away from the bride. You also want to make sure you’re comfortable with how you look in wedding pictures with the cardigan on.

Keep in mind that this isn’t piece of clothing that you can just take off and stuff in a bag if you’re not happy with how it looks and feels at the moment. You will be carrying it around with you the entire time unless you have some place to stow it.

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How to Make a Crop Top Out of a T-Shirt without Cutting

You can turn your T-shirt into a crop top for a really cute look, but you may be concerned about how cutting the shirt will destroy it and you won’t ever be able to use it for a full-length T-shirt anymore.

You don’t actually have to cut your shirt to get a crop top, and I’ll show you a few ways you can do this. Yes, there are multiple methods for cropping your T-shirt without having to take a pair of scissors to it.

Keep reading to see some of the best methods to modify your favorite T-shirt for a breezy summer style.

Methods for Making a Crop Top Out of a T-Shirt

The Knotted Crop Top

The quickest and simplest method is to make a knot in your T-shirt. You have probably seen this version of the crop top around, and it won’t ruin your shirt at all. It makes it wrinkly after you’ve undone the knot, but you’ll fix that by the next washing cycle.

  1. To do this method, bunch up the bottom half of your T-shirt, pulling all of that material to the center of your torso above your navel.
  2. Hold the material with your left hand (or nondominant hand) and pull as much of the material through your hand as you can and extend your left forefinger.
  3. Then, tie a knot around your finger to hold the material of the shirt in place.
  4. You can tuck in the little tail end of the knot that sticks out so that your knot creates a rosebud look.

That’s all you need to do, and you have a really simple crop top look without damaging your shirt.

You can also tuck the knot under the bottom of your shirt so you have an even line across the bottom. These are just a few different ways you can style this look for your preference.

The Bow Tie Crop Top

If you have a longer shirt where tying it into a single knot in the center of the shirt would make a very large and unattractive knot, then you can try a different tying method.

With this crop top method, you’ll be pulling material from both sides of the bottom of your shirt, creating two lengthy bunches. You can tie these together in the center in the same way you would tie your shoelaces. Cross the two lengths of material, pulling one end underneath the other, and then pull it tight.

If there’s enough material left over, you can create a bow tie look there. Otherwise, just tying the two ends together can look cute as well.

You may also want to try double tying your two ends so that they don’t become loose.

Hair Tie Crop Top

Here’s another super simple method that works well, and you’ll need a hair tie to pull it off.

  1. Start by pulling your shirt up from the bottom, and pull it up as high as you want it to be for when you’re finished cropping it.
  2. Then, fold the excess underneath that crop line and pull the shirt from the back to create a length of material.
  3. Holding that in place with one hand, you’ll take your hair tie with the other hand and tie that in place. You can just twist your hair tie around the bunched fabric in the back of your shirt as many times as you need to secure the extra material.

For a slightly neater look, you can fold that bunched bit of fabric and the hair tie underneath the crop line in the back of your shirt, creating a more even and smooth crop line all around your body.

Bra Wedge Crop Top

You can use your bra to secure part of your shirt for a crop top as well. This method requires you to pull the fabric from the bottom of your shirt upward as high as you want it for the look you are going for. You can roll up the sides of your shirt evenly to do this.

Then, you secure the underside of the shirt into your bra, all the way around your body. The bra should hold it in place and keep it from coming loose, so long as you have a closefitting bra.

You can adjust he crop level once the shirt is secured into your bra. You may need to adjust how much material is tucked into your bra at once so that it stays secure as long as you are wearing the crop top look.

Extra material on the back of the shirt can be tucked into the bra as well, so you have a fairly neat look, but there will be loose hanging fabric with this method, and you’re not getting a very tight fit with the shirt overall once it is finished.

Folded Crop Top

The final method I want to share for how to make a crop top out of a T-shirt without cutting is to simply fold that sides of the shirt. That sounds really simple, but if you’re not doing it properly, you may end up with your folds rolling down on their own as you go about your day.

So, you can simply grab your shirt by the two sides at the bottom and roll it in a tight roll upwards as high as you want it. Keeping your rolls really tight prevents them from coming loose.

Depending on the material you have, the rules may stay in place pretty well throughout the day on their own, but to ensure that you preserve the style of the crop top no matter what you’re doing, you can secure the rules in place using hair pins.

Some people may prefer safety pins because of how secure they keep everything, but that pokes holes in your shirt, and we are trying to avoid any kind of cutting or puncturing with this tutorial.

So, take two hairpins and secure your rolls of the shirt on each side. You can roll the hair pin inside so that it’s covered up and not visible.

woman walking in street in white dress

How to Keep a Dress from Riding Up

Ladies who have ever worn a dress know the difficulty in embarrassment of having their dress ride up on them as they walk.

Your dress can ride up because of how it’s designed, but there are ways to keep a dress from riding up, and we will share with you our best tips so that this doesn’t keep happening to you.

Why Is Your Dress Rising Up?

There are several different reasons why your dress maybe riding up on you, and we will cover those below so you have some idea of which kind of dresses are most likely to cause this issue.

Wrong Size

If the dress isn’t a good fit for you, it may ride up just because of the way your body moves with the dress. A dress may look good when you initially wear it and try it out at the store, but once you’re walking around in it, the fit may not be quite the same.

It can be tough to fix a dress that’s too thin to keep it from riding up, but if you know that’s an issue, at least you can avoid that kind of dress when you’re picking out an outfit.

Too Thin

If the dress fabric is really thin or light, it may have a tendency to ride up. You won’t find this problem so much with thicker dresses or dresses made with heavy material.

If you’re concerned about your dress riding up on you, just choose one that’s not thin and light.

Not a Good Fit

This is a little different from dresses that are the wrong size. What we’re talking about here is a dress that doesn’t fit your body just right.

If it’s not a good choice for your body type, the dress may tend to ride up your thighs a little bit.

How to Keep a Dress from Riding Up

So, what do you do to keep a dress from riding up on you?

Here are a few suggestions you can use in general before we get into more specific directions for certain kinds of dresses.

Lengthen It

Making a dress longer can help it to fit better and keep it from riding up as much. The added length changes the way the dress falls around your legs, preventing the dress from catching on your thighs and riding up between them.

Layer It

Adding another layer to the dress can make it heavier, preventing the material from riding up as well.

You want a layer that reaches to the bottom of the current dress or even further than that, if you’re going to make this work well.

Add Dress Weights

There are some really cool dress accessories you can try called dress weights that add extra weight to your dress and keep them from riding up as much.

These range from weighted cords to sew-in weights that add a little heft to your dress and make it hang on your body better.

How to Keep a Bodycon Dress from Riding Up

Bodycon dresses stick to you tightly, like the dress form of a superhero costume. They tend to move with your body, and they may start to lift and ride up as you walk or sit. It may seem like that’s an unavoidable problem, but there is a fix or two you can try with these tight-fitting dresses.

The simplest fix is to add a little length to the dress. Adding just an inch or two can be enough to keep the dress from riding up so much and make it stay in place better. You may simply be able to let out the hem to do that.

You can also try wearing tights or leggings underneath the dress. The static and the way the two materials rub together can keep the bodycon dress from riding up as much and as often.

How to Keep a Shirt Dress from Riding Up

Shirt dresses look cute and casual, and you may know them better by the name boyfriend’s shirt. It’s basically a long shirt that is worn without pants and is long enough to be considered a dress.

That too can ride up on you as you walk, so how do you keep this casual look as modest as possible?

You can dry weighing down the pockets a little bit. Adding some weight can keep the dress from riding up as much. Inserting sew-in weights can serve the same function and add the weight at the key area on the hemline.

You could also try spraying it down with some hairspray, particularly around the lower end. That will keep it from sticking to your thighs as much, catching there, and riding up.

How to Keep a Dress from Riding Up when You Walk

Your dress may stay in place when you sit and relax yourself, but what about when you walk? That’s likely when it tends to ride up the most, moving with your body and sticking to your thighs.

You can fix this problem by taking shorter steps. It’s not a completely surefire solution, but it will make a difference. You will notice that you have a lot more control over how your dress moves if you take smaller, shorter steps with less distance between your two legs.

You can try the hairspray and weighting techniques we have given you already too. These work well to keep the dress in place as you move.

Lengthening the dress helps as well, and you might be able to let down the hemline (or ask a seamstress to do it for you). Anything that adds some length or weight to the dress should help, like wearing a jacket or sweater around your waist.

You can also wear leggings underneath the dress or a slip to prevent riding up. These may not be solutions that work every time for every kind of dress, but they can make a difference and keep you from having to pull at your dress and adjust it as often.

woman wearing black bodysuit with pink blazer

How to Wear a Skims Bodysuit

Skims bodysuits are super popular and are constantly out of stock. With so many people ordering them, you are bound to have some people who aren’t sure how to wear Skims bodysuit.

For those people, we have put together some information about wearing the bodysuits with other clothing and making them work with your outfit.

What to Wear under Skims Bodysuit

Typically, the bodysuit will be something you cover up with other clothing, but you may want to wear something under the bodysuit for various reasons. Let’s talk about that first.

Although the bodysuit is a great way to slim down without having to hit the gym, as it tucks everything away neatly, it can also be really inconvenient to try to use the restroom with the bodysuit on.

For modesty’s sake, you may want to wear underwear underneath the body suit. It’s possible that you have to take off the entire body suit in order to pee.

If you don’t want to be standing in the bathroom completely naked, it makes sense to have some close-fitting underwear on beneath the body suit.

Other than that, there really isn’t anything you need to wear beneath the bodysuit. There shouldn’t be any problem with chafing, because of the way the fabric is designed and how well fits over your skin.

Some people may have some issues there, however, and prefer to add a little talcum powder to help prevent chafing.

What Bra to Wear with Skims Bodysuit?

The cool thing about the Skims bodysuit is that they could be so well sculpted that you don’t even need to wear a bra with them. That won’t be true for everyone, but it’s worth considering.

Try the bodysuit without bra and see how that works for you and if it provides ample support.

You can also wear the Skims support bra that specially designed to work with the bodysuits. These provide decent support and are made from similar materials to the bodysuits so that they feel comfortable and slimming.

The bralette options from Skims are excellent in that they provide some support so you don’t feel the weight of your breasts as much during the day, but they also offer a natural look.

They help you to retain a very relaxed appearance and are worth giving a shot if you want to go with all Skims clothing.

How to Pee in Skims Bodysuit?

You’re probably going to want to think about how you pee in a bodysuit at some point. There are snaps on some of them that let you unfasten the bodysuit in the crotch area so that you can easily use the restroom.

You can then pull the bodysuit up enough so you have clearance as you sit down.

Make sure you’re getting one with snaps, if you think you’ll need to use the restroom while you are in the bodysuit. This makes things a lot simpler for you and means that you don’t have to take off the entire body suit to use the restroom.

With those convenient snaps, peeing in the Skims bodysuit is fairly simple.

You won’t need a lot of room to do it, and you can use the restroom fairly discreetly.

It’s still not as simple as an outfit that doesn’t include the bodysuit, but you really just have one extra step to deal with to handle your bodily functions.

How Do Skims Bodysuits Fit?

There are different bodysuits for different body sizes, but they are designed to offer a close and comfortable fit.

They give you support and help tuck everything away so that you get a slimming look that’s very flattering. If that’s something that sounds appealing to you, then the bodysuit should be a natural choice.

The bodysuit is supposed to feel like you are wearing practically nothing, as they are made from lightweight, thin material. And yet, they manage to offer support for your entire body so you don’t feel the negative side of actually wearing nothing.

The bodysuit fits well, as long as you get it in your size, though some people say the Skims run a bit small. Let’s address that.

Do Skims Bodysuits Run Small?

For some people, the Skims bodysuit can run a little small, and reviews have pegged these suits as ranging from being on the small side to actually being true to size. There has not been any indication that they are too big for the size they propose to be.

It makes sense that a body suit like this will be a little slim and smaller than some people might expect. It’s supposed to give you a more slimming, streamlined to look, and to do that, it may feel a little tight here and there.

If you’ve tried the bodysuit on and you’re not happy with how it fits on you and it feels a little restrictive, it can be helpful to increase the size by one. Try that and see if it works better for you, if you’re having trouble with what’s supposed to be your true size.

How to Wash Skims Bodysuit

There are special cleaning instructions for the Skims bodysuits. They are supposed to be hand washed as they are really thin, and you could easily damage the material by putting them in the wash.

Some washing machines will clean them fine and take good care of them, but if you are going to try your bodysuit in the washer, you should put the wash setting to gentle cycle.

If you want to dry them, just avoid the tumble dry setting. That can be rough on them as well. It’s better to dry them naturally, out in the sunshine or just leaving them somewhere they can dry easily.

They are thin, after all, so they should dry quickly.

How to Put on Skims Bodysuit

Most of the Skims body suits have fasteners on the bottom, so you can put them on over your head or step into them. For the ones that don’t have fasteners, you’ll need to put them on one foot after another and then pull them up.

The ones that have the fasteners, though, it is best to put them on from top to bottom, so you’re not potentially tripping over yourself and falling down. It’s just a lot less awkward to put them on this way.

Are Skims Bodysuits Worth It?

If you’ve never tried these body suits before, you may wonder what’s special about them.

Those who have tried them will rave about the thin, stretchy material and how comfortable it feels. They love how confident they feel while wearing their Skims bodysuits, and they love the way it shapes their body and gives it a more pleasing, streamlined form.

Everybody has their little imperfections, and these bodysuits are a good way of covering those up.

If there’s a part of your body that you’re feeling insecure about, it’s likely that shapewear like the Skims bodysuits will help you to feel better about it. You can also wear these with just about any outfit.

You can decide to cover up the bodysuit entirely with what you’re wearing or use the bodysuit as part of the overall outfit.

They’re really versatile and come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that you’re happy with and that fits you well.

Best Skims Bodysuit Dupes

Because Skims are the hot product and they come from a celebrity designer, they can be kind of expensive.

If you’re looking for something cheaper or just something different, there are some options.


Spanx is the obvious alternative, and it’s also a really big brand. That means you’re going to find it all over the Internet, if that’s where you’re doing your shopping, and you have lots of choices to pick from as well.

Reclaimed Vintage

Reclaimed Vintage has a really good dupe as well, which offers couture stylings and a more reasonable price tag.

You can also find something that’s a bit different from the Skims bodysuits with the selection they offer and not just an exact duplicate.


IBody has a great selection too that offers slimming shapewear of all kinds. These are also super affordable, sold at a fraction of the price of what you’re paying for the Kim Kardashian Skims brand.

These are just a few of the best bodysuit dupes out there, and there are tons more. You don’t have to pay the full price for the name brand option just because that’s what everyone is talking about.

You can get something similar that works just as well without paying so much.