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How to Keep a Dress from Riding Up


Ladies who have ever worn a dress know the difficulty in embarrassment of having their dress ride up on them as they walk.

Your dress can ride up because of how it’s designed, but there are ways to keep a dress from riding up, and we will share with you our best tips so that this doesn’t keep happening to you.

Why Is Your Dress Rising Up?

There are several different reasons why your dress maybe riding up on you, and we will cover those below so you have some idea of which kind of dresses are most likely to cause this issue.

Wrong Size

If the dress isn’t a good fit for you, it may ride up just because of the way your body moves with the dress. A dress may look good when you initially wear it and try it out at the store, but once you’re walking around in it, the fit may not be quite the same.

It can be tough to fix a dress that’s too thin to keep it from riding up, but if you know that’s an issue, at least you can avoid that kind of dress when you’re picking out an outfit.

Too Thin

If the dress fabric is really thin or light, it may have a tendency to ride up. You won’t find this problem so much with thicker dresses or dresses made with heavy material.

If you’re concerned about your dress riding up on you, just choose one that’s not thin and light.

Not a Good Fit

This is a little different from dresses that are the wrong size. What we’re talking about here is a dress that doesn’t fit your body just right.

If it’s not a good choice for your body type, the dress may tend to ride up your thighs a little bit.

How to Keep a Dress from Riding Up

So, what do you do to keep a dress from riding up on you?

Here are a few suggestions you can use in general before we get into more specific directions for certain kinds of dresses.

Lengthen It

Making a dress longer can help it to fit better and keep it from riding up as much. The added length changes the way the dress falls around your legs, preventing the dress from catching on your thighs and riding up between them.

Layer It

Adding another layer to the dress can make it heavier, preventing the material from riding up as well.

You want a layer that reaches to the bottom of the current dress or even further than that, if you’re going to make this work well.

Add Dress Weights

There are some really cool dress accessories you can try called dress weights that add extra weight to your dress and keep them from riding up as much.

These range from weighted cords to sew-in weights that add a little heft to your dress and make it hang on your body better.

How to Keep a Bodycon Dress from Riding Up

Bodycon dresses stick to you tightly, like the dress form of a superhero costume. They tend to move with your body, and they may start to lift and ride up as you walk or sit. It may seem like that’s an unavoidable problem, but there is a fix or two you can try with these tight-fitting dresses.

The simplest fix is to add a little length to the dress. Adding just an inch or two can be enough to keep the dress from riding up so much and make it stay in place better. You may simply be able to let out the hem to do that.

You can also try wearing tights or leggings underneath the dress. The static and the way the two materials rub together can keep the bodycon dress from riding up as much and as often.

How to Keep a Shirt Dress from Riding Up

Shirt dresses look cute and casual, and you may know them better by the name boyfriend’s shirt. It’s basically a long shirt that is worn without pants and is long enough to be considered a dress.

That too can ride up on you as you walk, so how do you keep this casual look as modest as possible?

You can dry weighing down the pockets a little bit. Adding some weight can keep the dress from riding up as much. Inserting sew-in weights can serve the same function and add the weight at the key area on the hemline.

You could also try spraying it down with some hairspray, particularly around the lower end. That will keep it from sticking to your thighs as much, catching there, and riding up.

How to Keep a Dress from Riding Up when You Walk

Your dress may stay in place when you sit and relax yourself, but what about when you walk? That’s likely when it tends to ride up the most, moving with your body and sticking to your thighs.

You can fix this problem by taking shorter steps. It’s not a completely surefire solution, but it will make a difference. You will notice that you have a lot more control over how your dress moves if you take smaller, shorter steps with less distance between your two legs.

You can try the hairspray and weighting techniques we have given you already too. These work well to keep the dress in place as you move.

Lengthening the dress helps as well, and you might be able to let down the hemline (or ask a seamstress to do it for you). Anything that adds some length or weight to the dress should help, like wearing a jacket or sweater around your waist.

You can also wear leggings underneath the dress or a slip to prevent riding up. These may not be solutions that work every time for every kind of dress, but they can make a difference and keep you from having to pull at your dress and adjust it as often.

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