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How to Fold Thongs


Do you have a lot of underwear and don’t know how to make them look neater or fold them up so they take up less space? It can be difficult to find the one you’re looking for when all of your underwear is laying out flat in a drawer or bunched up in a pile wherever you have it stored.

Thongs can be a little tricky to fold, just because the shape and how thin they are. You don’t have to leave them in a mess, and you can fold thongs and make them neat and organized.

You also save some space and save yourself some time and trying to find what you’re looking for.

How to Fold Thongs in Drawers

If you want your thongs you take up as little space as possible and still be recognizable at a glance, here’s our method for how to fold thongs.

  1. Start by laying them flat with the front side facing you.
  2. Then, fold the left side in about halfway, pulling the edge into the middle of the thong.
  3. Then, do the same thing with the other side.
  4. Next, pull the bottom of the thong (the crotch area) upwards and tuck it into the waistband. That should create a tight fit that keeps everything held together and prevents the thong from coming apart.

This is a tucked thong method that works really well for how to fold thongs to save space, but it’s not the only method you can use.

How to Fold Thongs for Travel

If you’re traveling, you’re going to want your clothes to take up as little space as possible so that you can fit them into your suitcase or travel bag. We don’t want them spread all out, you want to be able to find them easily.

You shouldn’t have to sift through a mountain of clothes inside your bag and take everything out on the bed to find one item.

Because thongs are so small, they could easily disappear into your bag and be incredibly difficult to find when you need them.

It would be even more difficult to find a specific one, so I’m going to share with you a method for how to fold thongs for when you travel so that you can pick them out easily, keep things organized, and make sure that they don’t take up too much space.

One way to fold your thongs is to simply fold one side halfway in and then another side halfway in. Then, fold the top down toward the bottom. This scrunches down the underwear a lot so that it’s not taking up as much space, and it keeps it neat.

It’s also an easier way to fold your thongs than the method I gave you above, so it won’t take as long to fold them and it won’t be as tricky to handle the folding process.

How to Fold Lace Thongs

The scroll method works really well for lacy thongs. This is another simple and effective way to fold them up and make them take up less space. In fact, it could be the best space saver option for folding thongs.

What’s great about this is that it is perfect for lacy underwear and other unconventional underwear that would otherwise be a bit tricky to fold in traditional ways.

Here is how you fold lace thongs or other types of thongs using the scrolling method:

  1. Start by laying the panties out flat and smoothing them out. That’s good advice for any folding method, as you will get a neater looking fold that keeps everything tidy and tucked in nicely. Make sure the front is facing upwards before you start.
  2. Take the panty crotch and fold it upwards. Fold it so that it is lined up perfectly with the top of the panty- the waistband. This will give you a half fold horizontally on the panties. Once again, you can smooth the panties down to keep them looking neat and wrinkle free.
  3. Now, you will need to move into the roll-up. This means taking the fabric of the panty and rolling it horizontally from one end of the panty to the next. Just start on the side that is next to you and work your way to the opposite end, making small, neat folds to roll the panty in a single direction away from you.

This compacts the panty into a small wad, rolling it neatly and ensuring it takes up very little space. It becomes a scroll shape at the end, which is really convenient for packing.

The lace panty will store well with other panties like this, even if they are different types of panties or different sizes. It will still be easy to tell what color the panties are when rolled up into a scroll, and they pack into rows well and fit into a very small space when rolled up this way.

You can even stack the rolled up panties on top of each other and create layers of folded panties to save even more space.

How to Fold String Thongs

Finally, I want to leave you with a method for folding string thongs. The hanging strings can be problematic for people who want their underwear to be packed away neatly and tidily with nothing out of place.

  1. Start by lining up the entire string loop at the waistband into a single line. The front and back of the string loop should be lined up perfectly if you did it properly.
  2. Flatten out the panty and then fold the two sides of the waistband into the middle. They should be tucked into the center of the fabric part of the panty.
  3. Then, fold down the fabric part (front and crotch area) horizontally.
  4. Fold from left to right (vertically) for the final fold.

The panties should now be a small piece of fabric with the strings tucked neatly inside. They will store very tidily in your underwear drawer or suitcase like that.

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