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How to Connect with Your Intuition


Everyone has that voice inside them that tells them what to do. Sometimes, that voice is really negative and harmful. It tells you to do what you know you should not be doing. Sometimes that voice is naïve and innocent. Sometimes, that voice is overlooked and ignored.

Your intuition can tell you with a gut feeling what action to take in a situation or what direction to go or even what to say. Some people are very in tune with their intuition, and others feel so out of touch with their true selves that they don’t even recognize the voice that is speaking to them.

If you are wondering how to connect with your intuition, we have a few tips to share with you that can help.

Spend Time in Meditation

This is a game changer for a lot of people. We have so many distractions in our lives and so much noise all around us that it can seem odd to just stop and listen to nothing.

Doesn’t it seem like we are always listening to music, advertisements, podcasts or people talking? All those voices around us don’t leave a lot of space for our own, so many people don’t even know how to access their intuition. They may be completely missing the spiritual side of their life because of all the distractions around them.

When you find quiet time to yourself, that can be time where you collect your thoughts, think about your journey and discover what kind of person you really are. You can analyze the decisions you have made and the words you have said and think about whether those are really your own or if they belong to someone else.

You can also use meditation time to clear your mind of thoughts completely. You can push everything out and try to be empty, like many people do when they are practicing certain types of meditation. This allows your intuition to speak more clearly and helps to push away all the noise in your life. Try meditating for just 15 minutes a day and see if that doesn’t make a difference.

Various kinds of quiet time can be helpful for how to connect with your intuition spiritually. If you pray, listen to quiet music or try to meditate, all of that is calming soothing, relaxing, and helpful in getting in touch with your intuition.

Disconnect from the Internet

I’m not just talking about turning off the social media and stepping back from Instagram or Facebook- I’m talking about disconnecting the internet entirely. Turn it all off, shut down your phone, and will yourself to stop spending time on any internet sites or services.

This is so good for you because it allows you to be you rather than to get a constant stream of outside influences. How can you know what you think if you are filling your mind all day with what others think?

The truth is that you can’t, and your natural intuition will be lost amid the flood of other voices that come from the internet. The news, movies, videos, updates, social media posts, and everything else that we absorb regularly can be really harmful for us. Not only are these things negative, but they aren’t our voice.

How much of our day is consumed with hearing our own voices? That’s why we don’t even know if it is out intuition that is speaking sometimes or if we are just following the prompts of other people. Maybe you just heard it on a podcast or you just read it online. That bit of advice you just thought about might not even belong to you, and will you remember where it came from?

Go Out in Nature

Are you sensing a pattern here yet? This activity involves getting away from a lot of manmade stimuli, like screens, cars, electronics, and other things that can be distracting for your spiritual side or your intuition. Being in nature can help you to connect to who you really are, quieting your mind, invigorating your senses, and helping you to feel at peace.

There are fewer distractions in nature that might cause you anxiety. There is space and freedom, and these things are great for your mental health.

This quiet time in nature can help you to get in touch with your senses and your mind. It can change up your entire environment, of course, which is really helpful when you are trying to get in touch with other parts of your being. A change in scenery can do you so much good, whether you are being active in nature or just sitting down quietly.

The key to connecting with the intuitive part of yourself is to find ways to listen to your own mind and body and to separate your voice from the many other voices around you. In nature, there are no influences telling you what to do or giving you their own mindset and worldview.

This helps you to be clearheaded, and you can see how much of yourself is being blocked and how much of your mind is being suppressed in your normal environment.

Being out in nature allows these parts of you some freedom and a chance to speak to you where they would otherwise be drowned out.

Have you been missing your intuition, and do you feel like the decisions you make aren’t really your own? That’s how a lot of people feel these days, and it mostly comes down to how many outside influences they have affecting them. The tips I’ve given you will help you filter out a lot of those influences, even if it is just for a short time. That way, you can connect with your intuition and start thinking your own thoughts.

Doing these things regularly could change the course of your life in a big way and help you to make decisions that aren’t based so much on what other people think, feel, or believe.

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