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Quiet Your Mind

How to Quiet Your Mind


We all have those times where our mind feels overburdened with thoughts that are troublesome, overwhelming, or just noisy. How to quiet your mind and turn down the volume on all those impulses and images going through your brain?

If you don’t know how to quiet your mind from thinking too many thoughts you just don’t want to think about, then it will be difficult to function. You may feel anxious or stressed and you may not feel in control of your own mind. It can be frustrating trying to do anything when your mind feels overwhelmed and filled with all kinds of thoughts all at once.

We’re going to share with you a few ways that you can quiet your mind so you can meditate, sleep, pray, or just relax.

Cut Out the Stimulus

If there’s too much going on at once, that can easily lead to a feeling of being mentally overwhelmed. It can help to put away any unnecessary stimulus or walk away from what can be overstimulating your brain.

For instance, if you’re at a party or a large gathering, having so many people around you can be overwhelming. Have a lot of lights and sounds and even smells can cause a sensory overload and fill your mind with thoughts, keeping you from being able to order your own thoughts and to think clearly.

It can help to just go to a quiet place and be by yourself or perhaps with a friend away from all the stimuli.

Sometimes, the stimulus comes from our electronic devices, and if you are receiving a lot of notifications and there’s a lot of different things you want to do on your smartphone, that can crowd your mind with thoughts as well.

You may feel like you need to check out a few of the latest YouTube videos, while looking at your Instagram notifications, as you try to post to social media yourself. All of this can lead to mental overload and a crowding of your thoughts. It can help to not just put the phone away, but also turn it off so that you don’t hear any notifications as they pop up.

Just giving yourself a little peace and quiet for a while can do wonders for relaxing your mind and clearing your thoughts.

Try Some Soothing Actions

If you’re looking for how to quiet your mind for sleep, but you’re not sure what to do to clear your mind, there are some relaxing and soothing activities you can try.

Take A Hot Bath

The sensation of warm water on your skin can be very relaxing, calming your nerves in soothing your body. You may want a try a warm bath, or if you have a shower head that can create a pulse spray, you can use that for a shower massage.

Take Deep Breaths

If you take a few long, deep breaths, you can relax yourself, and this is a method you can use for how to quiet your mind while meditating. Measured breaths can help regulate your breathing and your body’s entire rhythm. When you’re nervous, you may have shallow or rapid breathing, so forcing your body to oxygenate slowly at a relaxed pace can help to calm your nerves.

Listen to Relaxing Music

One of the most effective ways to clear your mind is to listen to music that soothes. That doesn’t mean to put on your favorite music, as some of that music maybe very energetic or have a strong beat. What can help is to listen to slow, melodic music. For some people, that’s gospel hymns, and for others that may be classical music or new age music.

Some music incorporates the sounds of nature, and you can search for that specifically online to find some of the most relaxing music you’ll ever hear.

Get Some Fresh Air

A stuffy or claustrophobic environment can cause you to feel stressed and frustrated. Your mind can feel overwhelmed by the quietness and lack of stimulus around you. With too much isolation, you can be overwhelmed by your own thoughts, especially if you’re going through a period of stress or have recently had a traumatic experience.

This is an excellent method for the spiritually minded people who have trouble with their own thoughts. If you want to know how to quiet your mind to hear God, what a lot of people do is simply go outside be in nature for a little bit. The relaxing sounds of nature, the fresh air, and the sunshine could all work together to create a soothing environment that helps to clear your mind. In that way, you can then find a place to be by yourself and talk to God without the stifling, claustrophobic restrictions of your home or workspace.

Talk to a Friend

If you ask a lot of people what causes their mind to feel too busy, they may say that they to spend too much time inside their own mind. What can help is to stop dwelling on your own thoughts and talk to someone. This can be over the phone or in person. Simply texting might not be enough to help quiet your mind, especially because some people feel anxious when they text and are waiting for the next text message.

In those times when your mind feels overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to spend some time with friends and hear about what’s going on with them. If you specifically ask how they’re doing and what’s happening in their life, that can help to get you out of your own ,imd and stop dwelling on your own thoughts that are making your brain feel so busy.

Use the Resources Available to You

There are resources you can use that will help you learn to silence your mind and take control of your thoughts. You may want to check out the book How to Quiet Your Mind: Relax and Silence the Voice of Your Mind, Today! This helpful and detailed guide can help in giving you power over your thoughts. It offers a number of meditation techniques that people use to establish peace and quiet in their mind.

You can also look online for a playlist of soothing music that you can turn to when your mind is racing. Lots of YouTubers have put together these lists and shared their lists with others. Many people find help by simply listening to a preselected playlist of relaxing music in times when their mind feels overwhelmed.

Don’t Stress Out over Your Noisy Mind

Ultimately, you don’t want to stress out too much about overwhelming thoughts in a busy mind. A busy mind is an active mind, and you have to know how to leave your mind alone, it will quiet itself.

Eventually, the busyness and noisiness of your mind will quiet. You may just have to give yourself a little time. The distractions you may try to use and the methods for quieting your mind might not work right away. After a while, though, your mind should quiet on its own. It may just need a little time to settle down, and this can happen naturally, if you allow it.

People will experience overworked and overburden minds every once in a while. This is just normal behavior that you have to learn to adapt to and deal with, using the methods provided above. At the same time, don’t be too hard on yourself. Pay attention to what’s causing your overworked mind and try to avoid that activity or stimulus next time.

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