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How to Stop Being Indecisive


Do you ever find yourself second guessing your decisions, wondering whether you’re making the right decision and then ending up not being able to make a decision at all? Indecisiveness is a trait that can cripple your ability to get things done. All that self-doubt can make you wonder if you’re ever making the right decision.

How to stop being indecisive? If this is a facet up your character, it will take time to change it. You can start little by little, making small changes to you until you become more decisive and are able to make decisions without as much second guessing.

Stop Relying on Others to Make Decisions

how to stop being indecisive in relationship? If you examine your behavior and the way you talk and you realize that a lot of the decisions in the relationship are ultimately being decided by your partner, you are probably being indecisive. Do you say things like, “What do you think we should do? or “What do you think is the right choice?” If so, then you may be relying on your partner to make most of the decisions.

It’s good to discuss major decisions in a relationship, and that’s part of healthy communication. However, even small decisions are ones that you send to your partner for confirmation and for the final decision, it’s very possible that you’re being indecisive.

If that’s true, you need to start relying on yourself to make some decisions. Maybe you don’t feel confident yet about making the big decisions, and that’s okay. Those smaller decisions, though, such as what you eat, what you wear, and even how things are arranged in the house, can all be decisions that you make.

If it’s not a decision that might offend, it’s certainly okay to sometimes simply make the decision on your own and then discuss it later to see if it might be bothersome to your partner. By doing that, you learn to rely on yourself more rather than to count on others to make decisions for you.

You may find the same kinds of conversations and decision making habits in relationships with your friends and family as well. If you’re constantly asking them to make the decision, that lack of confidence and reliance on others can keep you from doing very much for yourself.

You need to have some measure of independence and ability to make your own decisions, so examine how your decisions are made and try to make more of them on your own.

Tell Yourself It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

One of the keys to how to stop being so indecisive is to stop feeling so guilty about every mistake that’s made. Some mistakes are minor and really don’t affect anything in the long run. Once you start to realize that and you also tell yourself it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes, you’ll be more likely to make decisions for yourself.

How to stop being indecisive and make decisions? You have to learn to be okay with making a few mistakes here and there. As you try to be more decisive, you will definitely mess up, but that’s okay. It’s important that you tell yourself almost as a mantra “it’s not the end of the world if I mess up.” That doesn’t mean that you never try your best and it doesn’t mean that you will constantly make mistakes. It simply means that if you do make a mistake, you can recover from it and go on.

A lot of indecisiveness comes from a lack of self-confidence. If you can’t count on yourself to make any decisions because you’re afraid of failure, you may have trouble even making small decisions. A fear of making mistakes can be healthy and keep us from making bad decisions, but it can also be debilitating. It can keep you from making any decisions at all, which is no way to live.

Take the Initiative

This relates a lot to what is been said so far, but it’s important to point out that a lot of indecisiveness leads to a lack of initiative. You may be worried about offending someone, and so you may wait for them to start the awkward conversations that need to be discussed. You may wait for them to see the problem and find a solution because you’re concerned about how you might handle the problem.

One method you can use to stop being indecisive is to simply start taking the initiative. Tell yourself that it’s okay to start things on your own and make some progress without input from other people. It doesn’t mean you can finish everything on your own, especially when it comes to family matters and relationship matters.

Taking the initiative simply means that you feel okay to start some things and get the ball rolling without needing a lot of input from other people first.

Getting into the habit of taking the initiative will help you to accomplish more. You will have to feel like you have less need to wait around for other people to take the initiative, and you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

You Don’t Always Have to Make the Perfect Decision

A lot of people will procrastinate because they feel nervous or anxious. They may debate about what to buy or where to go and end up never getting anything done.

A lot of people will also feel overwhelmed by the decisions they have to make because they feel they have to make the perfect decision. They feel like they have to consider all the possibilities, and that’s actually impossible to do. How to stop being overwhelmed, indecisive, and procrastinating?

You need to realize that it’s impossible to make the perfect decision every time. In fact, you probably won’t know whether you made the perfect decision until after the fact.

Instead, you need to realize it’s okay to jump in sometimes without overthinking everything. It’s not a bad idea to look at the possibilities, but you also have to realize you can’t look at everyone. You won’t be able to consider every possible outcome, and you may not be able to tell what the repercussions from your decisions will be until later on. Being okay with that is simply how you are going to be able to function.

This is helpful if you want to know how to stop being indecisive when shopping. You may not make the perfect grocery shopping decision or other buying decision every time. That’s what returns are for. A little buyer’s remorse is okay sometimes, though of course you need to be careful about being reckless. It’s fine to make some decisions you’re not entirely sure about as long as they’re not big ones that could have serious repercussions. Every decision you make won’t be perfect, even if you spend a long time thinking about it.

Set a Deadline

What can really help is to set yourself a deadline to make a decision. If there is a decision you really struggling with, it’s not a bad idea to ask for help and advice from other people. However, you do need to set yourself a time to make that decision, or you will just tend to put it off and not come to a decision about it.

The problem doesn’t go away just because you keep procrastinating. A decision will have to be made, and you have to learn how to make some decisions that may be difficult that may not turn out perfectly.

Set reasonable deadlines for yourself depending on the decision. Some decisions will need to be made within a few hours, whereas others may take a few days or a few weeks. Make it deadline suitable for the situation and stick to that deadline in order to help with your indecisiveness.

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