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How to Reset Your Body and Mind


Everybody has those times where they just can’t focus or think about what they should be doing. Maybe you are working and your mind feels like it is giving up. Maybe you are writing and you can’t think of the next thing to write. Maybe your mind just feels sluggish, like it is tired and ready to quit on you. How to reset your men and get back to a perky, focused state?

If you’re tired, then the best thing you can do is lie down and rest. You may think you can’t rest in the middle of the day, but that’s common practice in a lot of countries. You have probably heard of something called a siesta, where people just go and lie down in the hottest part of the day and refresh themselves before they come back out to work.

Try doing just that the next time you feel like your mind is exhausted and you can’t think any more. Just give yourself 15-30 minutes to rest and see if that doesn’t make a difference, rejuvenating your mind and getting it back on track.

Have a Coffee

Looking for how to reset your body and mind without going to sleep, why don’t you try having a coffee? That’s what a lot of people do when they are tired. If the tiredness is not so severe they can simply make up some coffee and keep going.

Coffee can reenergize you within about 45 minutes, though some people feel energized from the first taste. Coffee can keep you going for hours, and it probably won’t fully leave your bloodstream and be processed by your body for about 5 hours, so you want to be careful about how late in the evening you have coffee so that you’re not awake all night.

Even drinking a small cup of coffee can perk up your mind and make your body feel energized because of the caffeine in it.

If you’re not a coffee drinker and would prefer something else, you can try caffeinated teas or even sodas. A chocolate bar has a similar effect because of the amount of caffeine in it.

Wash Your Face

To perk up and wake up, one of the best ways to do that is to run some water over your face.

Just find the nearest sink, splash some water in your face, or rub your face with wet hands and then dry yourself off. This works especially well with cold water, and the water stimulates your skin and wakes your brain up because of how stimulating it is. This is a good way to perk yourself up for a short time, and it’s one of the simplest methods for how to reset your mind and body.

How to Reset Your Mind for Success

We’ve talked already about perking yourself up and having yourself to feel more awake, but what about if you’re looking to do more and change the way you think. If you’re following the same habits and struggling for success in your life, what kind of mental changes need to be made in order to have more success?

What can help a lot of people achieve more success in their life is to read more. Maybe you can find books on the kind of work you’re wanting to do or the kind of business you are hoping to start.

You could look for self-help books about how to be more successful or how to develop better habits.

Reading is excellent for your mind, and that action in itself provides stimulation that can help to change the way you think.

Some experts recommend listening to music, particularly complex music like classical tunes. These can improve the way you think and process information, boosting your mental acuity and even your ability to solve problems and remember facts.

Rewiring your brain for success often means changing your daily habits, choosing successful ones instead of whatever you have been doing.

That may mean getting up earlier, doing some chores each day before work, spending less time on the internet or your phone, avoiding alcohol and other things that can keep you from being motivated, and looking at other areas of your life where you could benefit from changing up your habits.

You can also make changes that will boost your motivation and remind you of what you are trying to do with your life. One way to do that is to find a picture or phrase that encapsulates your motivation and hang that where you can see it every day.

Another way is to find an accountability partner. Ask someone to keep you accountable, and you can keep them updated on how you are doing and what you are working on. That way, you are more likely to stick with your plans.

How to Reset Your Mind and Mood

Controlling your mood and want to change it? What helps is to step away from the situation that has you in a bad mood. Then, introduce a stimulus that can alter your mood and your state of mind.

Music works well for that, as does reading, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends. Even eating a good meal or drinking a great beverage can help to stimulate your mood and change it, getting you out of the funk and helping you to feel better.

In most cases, trying to change your mood or reset your mind involves introducing something that’s not already there. Try changing your habits, doing something different from what you normally do, or even going on a little adventure. You might be surprised how a change in environment and a change in what is typical for you can be great for your mood and your mindset.

Think about what has you in a bad mood and then separate from that. Remind yourself that you may not be able to change the situation, and you just need to roll with what has already happened. Maybe you can make things better for yourself just by having a better mindset.

Keep in mind that you will only make the situation worse by dwelling on the past, the hurt, and the disappointment. Instead of moping and keeping a bad attitude, force a change in mood. This can take time, and it may not be easy, but reminding yourself to have a good attitude can actually work to change your mood.

Try engaging in activities that make you happy, like spending time with a hobby, going shopping, eating something you like, or talking to your favorite person. Everyone has something that stimulates them and helps them to feel a little better. What is your happy place or happy activity?

How to Reset Your Mind, Body and Soul

Do you feel unsettled in your soul or like something is broken in you? Do you feel like you’re not getting out of life what you want to? We started talking about simply waking up and feeling more alert at the beginning of this article, and then we moved on to more long ranged and powerful changes that you may be hoping to make. Now, let’s talk about changing what’s at the core of your being, or your soul.

You’ll probably have to try some serious, powerful stimuli. Exercise is a good place to start, getting your body moving, your brain active, and your blood pumping. Be careful about overdoing it if you haven’t worked out much recently, but doing even a little bit of exercise can have a profoundly beneficial effect on your mind body, and soul.

You could also try meditating, taking some quiet time or praying. These kinds of pensive, introspective activities can help you quiet your thoughts and think about things you might normally not have thought about.

By clearing out the distractions in your life, even for a short time, you’ll notice the benefits and the change.

It is possible to rewire your brain, soothe your soul, and improve your chances for success. These kinds of changes may not always happen right away. They may happen little by little, and then they take lots of different methods rather than just doing a single thing. You may have to try several different methods before you land on something that works for you.

It’s important to make changes to the way you live and the way you behave, though. That’s how you’re going to change the way you think.

You should think of your mind as a computer. What goes in is what will come back out. So, if you’re dwelling on negative things, then negative words will come out of your mouth and you’ll have a negative mindset. If you put positive things in your mind, you’re likely to think positively and speak positively, even about yourself.

By changing what goes into your mind, you can rewire mental pathways and think like a different person, becoming the person you want to be.

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