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Woman Having Hair Dye Applied to Roots

What Colors Last the Longest in Hair


Changing your hair color can give you a bold new look or make a subtle difference in your appearance. Whether you’re opting for a gentle toner or a completely different color, you may be wondering which hair colors will last the longest.

Your body will try to restore normalcy wherever it can whenever you attempt to make a change. As you dye your hair, the color will fade out, and your natural color will start to show through. This can take a while, and the process can be shorter or longer depending on the hair color and coloring techniques you use.

If you want your hair color to last a long time, your best bet is to go to professional stylist and have it done there. The stylist will know how to work with your particular color and texture and which products will help you achieve the look you’re going for.

The stylist will also be able to choose quality products that they know will last a long time and not fade out quickly.

Which Colors Last the Longest?

Changing your hair color can mean a drastic difference for a while. You may be stuck with that look for some time, so you want to be careful about which color you’re choosing.

Consider how it will look on your face and with your clothing style. Will it make you stand out too much, and will it change the way people treat you?

Maybe you want to gradually transition from one hair color to another, using toners to gently adjust the color rather than going for something drastic and bold. Which colors last the longest in hair?

Let’s look at some of the different hair colors you can choose and see how they compare to one another for longevity.


Brown hair dyes are definitely the longest lasting of all the available options. Natural brunettes who alter their hair color slightly to different shades of brown will find that their hair coloring last longer than someone who has blonde hair, red hair, or black hair and who is trying to adjust the tone.

Brown hair color has high eumelanin content that protects and preserves the hair color you put in. Also, brown hair doesn’t usually need bleaching to achieve the desired look.

Bleaching can fade quickly compared to hair dye or toner, so brown hair has an advantage in that area as well. Keep in mind that different types of dying and coloring techniques may not last as long as others, and that does factor into how long your hair color lasts.


Red hair tends to stand out because of how bright and distinctive it is. You can expect red hair dye to last about six weeks, but it will show signs of fading before that. Red hair dye won’t last as long as some of the other colors because the molecule size is larger for red hair.

That means the molecules can fall out more easily and will have a harder time staying in place.


To achieve blonde hair from any other color of hair, you’ll probably have to go through bleaching process. Your hair will have to be lightened before it can start taking on blonde tones and look decent.

That bleaching process may fade pretty quickly, and you’ll need to try to remove as much you melanin as possible. The blonde hair dye won’t be absorbed properly otherwise, and even if you do the process properly and take every necessary precaution, don’t expect blonde hair dye to last very long.

Your roots are going to start showing pretty quickly, usually in a matter of a few weeks. You can do a touch up on your hair to help it keep its color, but know that you’ll be fighting a losing battle and will need to refresh the entire thing in less than six weeks.

Also, the darker your natural hair is, the more work you have to do to achieve a blonde look and keep it.


If you’re going for a dark look, know that black hair color can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Like the other hair colors mentioned, though, you may start to see signs of lightening before then.

This color lasts almost as long as brown hair dye, but because of its extreme dark color, the signs of lightening show up soon. The lighter your natural hair color is, the more work you’ll have to do to keep your hair looking black and make it black in first place.

Factors That Affect How Long Your Hair Color Lasts

I’ve talked already about some of the things that can affect the longevity of the hair color you put in, like the technique and the color you’ve chosen.

Let’s talk about a few others so that you have some idea of what kind of challenges you might be facing if you’re hoping for long term hair color.

The biggest factor in how long hair color last in your hair is your natural hair color. It’s going to want to come through and show itself after a while, and some hair color will be more apparent than others.

Your natural hair color may clash with the color you put in, and that clash may become more visible a few weeks after you’ve dyed your hair.

Your hair’s health is also a factor, and unhealthy hair will have a harder time retaining its color. If you have unhealthy air, you may want to reconsider putting any kind of dye or coloring in there, as it can cause further damage to your hair. Healthy hair, however, will keep the new color for a long time.

The type of hair you have also plays a part in how long hair color lasts in your hair. Thick, coarse hair will reject hair color quicker. Fine, thin hair will absorb hair colors better and keep them in longer.

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