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Hair Perm

How Soon Can You Color Your Hair after a Perm


A good perm can make your hair look fuller and give it more volume, as it adds curls to flat looking hair. If you had had a perm put in by a professional stylist, you may wonder how that may limit other things you want to do to your hair.

You you may be interested in styling your hair, dyeing it, and doing different things with your look, but the perm might get in the way of that. Are you concerned you might damage the perm or lose it completely?

You may be wondering, “How soon after perm can I color my hair?” We will answer this and other questions in the article for you so you don’t have to wonder and you don’t end up damaging your perm.

How Long after a Perm Can You Dye Your Hair?

You want to be careful about mixing up different hair treatment and styling methods. Coloring or dying your hair and permanent are two different styling methods. They’re not something you want to do at the same time, so you should wait after you’ve had a perm done before you try to dye or color your hair. How long after a perm can you color your hair?

It should be safe to dye your hair after about seven days. It’s not a bad idea to wait up to two weeks before you color your hair, though.

Hair stylists will often tell you to wait about 15 days after your perm to try any kind of hair coloring or dyeing techniques. They can have a negative effect on the perm, and I’ll tell you about some of those in just a second.

You should talk to your hair stylist who gave you the perm if you have questions about coloring your hair, though. Asking your stylist, “When can I color my hair after a perm?” will give you the most accurate information.

Stylists may be using products that have different hold lengths or that create different effects in your hair, so they should know better than anybody how long you should wait to do anything else with your hair.

Your hair stylist knows the texture of your hair and the products that were put in it, so they’re the experts above any article you find on the Internet about this topic.

Why Not Color after a Perm?

The reason you don’t use any coloring products on your hair shortly after getting a perm put in is because that can be damaging to your hair. You can make your hair dry out or become frizzy, and you can end up with some split ends as well. Those will probably have to be cut off, so you can seriously wreck your hair, requiring that you shorten it, if you’re not careful.

Wouldn’t it be better just to wait a little while and let the perm run its course before you try dying your hair and end up with a mess?

Combining the two styling techniques within a short period of time can alter the texture of your hair. Its normal texture may change as these different styling techniques clash, and that won’t be good for your overall her health, either short term or long term.

How Long after a Perm Can You Bleach Your Hair?

Okay, so now let’s discuss bleaching your hair and how that can affect you if you do it around the same time you have a perm done. Coloring and bleaching your hair are a little different from one another, so I can understand why some people might wonder if the two of them affect your hair differently when you have a perm in.

My advice once again is to put a little space between the perm technique and bleaching your hair. Of course, your hairstylist will give you the best and most precise advice about how long you need to wait.

In general, though, you should be waiting at least a week after your hair has been permed before you tried bleaching it. In other words, the same guidance I’ve given you for coloring your hair after a perm will apply to bleaching it as well.

Here’s what happens if you bleach your hair too soon after you have it permed. Your hair will likely dry out and get brittle. It can fall apart, fall out, and become weak, losing a lot of its strength, durability, and shine.

Like I mentioned above for the side effects of coloring your hair too soon after permanent, bleaching it without enough space between perming it can cause split ends.

It can also make your scalp feel really itchy, and if you don’t want to be seen scratching your head all the time, then just give yourself some time between the perm and the bleaching.

Closing Thoughts

You put a lot of pressure on your hair every time you style it using any of the techniques that have been described in this article. Whether you’re perming your hair, bleaching it, or coloring it, all of this taxes your hair and its ability to hold and stay strong.

So, you want to spread out the different styling techniques and give your hair a chance to recover. Even if you have young, strong, healthy hair, it needs a little time to bounce back after an intense styling technique.

Giving your hair about a week is a good minimum amount of time to let it recuperate, but it’s ideal if you can let your hair rest for at least two weeks before you try doing another styling technique. This will ensure that your hair has had time to bounce back all the way and isn’t suffering from one styling technique to the next.

If you want to keep your hair healthy and ensure that it lasts you for a long time and isn’t frizzy all the time, then space out dyeing it, bleaching it, and having a perm put in. None of these are permanent techniques, but they can cause permanent damage.

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