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Mix Foundation with Moisturizer

Should You Mix Foundation with Moisturizer


If you aren’t happy with how your foundation looks, you may consider mixing some moisturizer with it to make it more effective. There are a few different techniques you can do by combining the two, and you can give yourself some really interesting looks with the combo.

You may have never thought to combine these two beauty products, but there are some good reasons to try to experiment with them.

Should they be mixed, though? Combining them is a good way to save a foundation product that you would like to make thinner. If your foundation is too thick to blend easily or apply smoothly, then adding some moisturizer to it and mixing them together can make it easier to work with.

How to Mix Foundation with Moisturizer

The best way to mix them is to combine them in equal parts. So, a dime-sized dab of moisturizer with an equal dab of foundation can combine to create a useful beauty product.

You can mix them with your fingers or use whatever applicator tool you have available.

They mix fine when using a sponge, blending tool or makeup brush.

Be sure to mix them thoroughly before applying the combination, though. You want your products to go on evenly and create a smooth layer of coverage on your skin. You can use that to hide blemishes and to make your overall look even better.

What Happens If You Mix Foundation with Moisturizer?

You may be worried about the results of mixing the two. There should be no harmful chemical reaction, though. You probably won’t be making a product that is going to damage your skin or ruin your look. What usually happens when you combine the two is that they create a more hydrated and smoother product. It is one that should apply easily to your skin.

Now, if you already have a rather moist foundation that applies smoothly, then you don’t need to add any moisturizer to it. If it is dry and almost clunky or chunky, though, then adding some moisturizer can help smooth it out.

When you mix foundation with moisturizer, you create a hydrating solution that is really good for making your skin plump, soft, and refreshed. If you feel like your current foundation dries out your skin or causes any kind of discomfort or skin damage over time, then you may want to try mixing some moisturizer into it. You could improve the quality and effectiveness of your moisturizer.

The result is a product that is a bit lighter than the foundation alone. The moisturizer lightens your foundation, but not by much. Just keep in mind that you will end up with a lighter-looking product once you combine the two.

Because the mixture creates a lighter product, your foundation may not last as long. It could wear off quicker than you are used to, so it may need touching up later on. Just be aware of this issue if you try to mix foundation and moisturizer.

Why Mix Foundation with Moisturizer?

If you would like to make your foundation more hydrating, then this the way to do it. Instead of tossing out that foundation and replacing it with something else, you can salvage it with a bit of moisturizer.

For those days when your skin feels a bit dried out, you can make your foundation extra hydrating. During summer months, you might not feel like buying a different foundation just to cope. The dry heat can make your skin chapped, cracked, irritable, and chafed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just adding a touch of moisturizer to the foundation can make it more effective and versatile. Why buy additional skincare products when you can just use what you already have and repurpose it?

If the foundation is too concealing and you want something that is a bit sheerer, then adding moisturizer to it is a good hack.

This gives the foundation a lighter touch so that it doesn’t go on as heavy. More of your natural color shines through this way, and you might prefer the mixture over just using straight foundation if you are trying for a more natural appearance.

If you are hoping to cover acne or acne scars, or any other kind of major blemish on your skin, then you probably want to skip the moisturizer/foundation combo. Adding moisturizer to the foundation takes away from the foundation’s concealing power, and that could be disastrous if you are worried about covering up some scars or blemishes.

What Is the Best Moisturizer to Mix with Foundation?

Only certain kinds of foundation should be combined with moisturizers. If you have a light foundation, we do not suggest combining that with moisturizer. You will dilute and lighten it too much, making it practically useless.

Instead, choose darker and heavier foundations for the combination. These benefit from the addition of moisture because of how the two products work together. If your foundation is thick and tough to work with, the moisturizer can make it more usable and versatile.

You want a foundation that has the same base as the moisturizer if you can help it. This ensures that they are compatible and that they work together well.

If your foundation and moisturizer are too different from one another, they won’t blend well and they won’t cooperate.

You can also use moisturizer with matte foundation. These tend to be dark and heavy, as they are designed for reducing shine and give you a thick layer of foundation on your skin. They can be too thick sometimes, though, and they can reduce shine so much that your skin looks dry. Adding some moisturizer in there improves their hydration capabilities and helps to give your skin a healthy glow.

The next time you apply your foundation, take a close look at it. Does it make your face not look very healthy and give it a dull look? Does it feel cloying and thick on your face? Does your skin dry out when you use it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a mixture of foundation and moisturizer can be beneficial. Try it out next time and see what it does for your look.




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