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How to Clean An Ice Roller  


Applying ice to your skin as one of those beauty secrets I discovered recently, and learning about it made me feel like I was being let in on a big secret.

Ice can help to reduce swelling and inflammation on your skin, and when you apply it to puffy areas around the eyes, it helps those tighten up and look normal again.

The ice roller is a gel filled cosmetic device that you place into the freezer. Once it has become ice cold, you can roll it across your face and target areas that could use a little tightening up.

It’s my new favorite beauty product that I feel like I can’t live without, and you definitely want to make sure it stays clean.

A clean ice roller works a lot better than a dirty one. If there’s little bits of dead skin cells, oils, and dirt on your ice roller, then it’s going to spread those things across your skin and cause some problems.

It could clog your pores or just make your skin look a little less than perfect. So, it’s important that you keep this handy tool clean, and I want to share with you my method for how to clean an ice roller.

How to Clean Face Ice Roller

It’s really simple to clean an ice roller, because these don’t tend to get really dirty. All you need to do is submerge it in some soapy water and gently clean the ice roller with a washcloth or scrub pad that’s not too rough.

Then, once you check the ice roller over to make sure that you cleaned it well, you can rinse it off. Finally, dry the roller completely before you put it back into the freezer.

This is the simplest method for how to clean ice roller that I’ve come across. You don’t have to do anything complicated or use special cleaning chemicals. These are super simple to clean.

If anyone is asking you to do a lot of extra steps or use specialized cleaners, they are making you do some unnecessary work. I would suspect they are trying to get you to buy a cleaning product you don’t need as well. You probably already have everything you need to clean your ice roller at home for yourself.

How to Clean Ice Roller with Rubbing Alcohol

Regular liquid dish soap works pretty well at cleaning off the ice roller and removing any debris, oil, and anything else that’s stuck on it. For a more powerful disinfectant, though, you can use rubbing alcohol.

You can dip alcohol swab pads into rubbing alcohol and then use that to clean off the ice roller. Gently dabbing and wiping out the roller should be all you really need to do to clean it off.

I would suggest rinsing the roller off afterwards and then gently wiping it dry with the towel. Make sure it’s completely dry before it goes into the freezer again.

You can also use Q-tips to clean the ice roller with rubbing alcohol. Either method works fine, and you’ll probably just want to use whatever you have on hand.

You don’t want to use just water to clean the ice roller with, as you won’t be disinfecting it.

Remember that you’re rubbing the roller all over your face as you use it, so it needs to be really clean. It should be sanitary and not have any germs or bacteria on it. If it’s not getting cleaned properly, you can spread germs across your face and cause an infection.

How to Keep Your Ice Roller Clean

If you don’t want to clean your ice roller every time you take it out of the freezer, you should place it into a freezer safe bag. Storing in there will keep it from picking up debris inside the freezer.

Your freezer maybe a fairly safe place where there are not a lot of germs or bacteria hanging out, but there could be bits of dust, food particles, and other items that could attach to your ice roller. You don’t want any of these to be put on your face or pressed into your pores as you use your ice roller.

You should clean the ice roller after every use. Take time to clean up properly and don’t rush through the process.

It’s a simple enough tool to clean and keep clean, but you don’t want to simply run it under some water, shake it dry, and throw it in the freezer. You will end up with a roller that constantly dirty, tough to clean, and not very safe to use.

It’s really important that you dry it so that when it goes into the freezer it doesn’t form ice crystals or an extra rough layer of ice.

You only want the gel to freeze and not any additional moisture on the ice roller to become frozen.

How to Use the ice Roller

When you take the ice roller out of the freezer to use it, it should come straight out of the bag so that it’s being kept clean. However, don’t take it for granted that it is clean just because you store it in the freezer in a bag.

Check it over quickly before applying the ice roller to your face. See if there’s any debris that needs to be brushed off.

Also make sure that it’s fully frozen, if it hasn’t been in the freezer for too long. It doesn’t take a while for the ice roller to freeze, but if you’re using it frequently, you want to check that it’s completely frozen before using it. That way, you get the most benefit from it.

Your ice roller will be really helpful at making your skin look youthful and healthy. It can tighten up the pores and increase blood flow. It’s also useful for getting rid of puffiness around your eyes, smoothing out wrinkles, and relaxing your skin.


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