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Bleached Hair

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Hair Professionally Bleached?


If you’ve never had your hair bleached, you may be surprised at how much it costs. How much does hair bleaching cost when you go to a professional stylist?

Our price checking found rates as high as $400 for some treatments. For a simpler bleaching process done on the cheap, you’ll pay closer to $50.

It may be a lot cheaper to do it yourself, since you can buy a kit for about $15 to use at home. You will also want to buy the supplies for the treatment, including protective gloves and possibly even cleaning supplies to tidy up when you’re done. Why is it that stylists charge so much more for the process, though?

How Much Does Hair Bleaching Cost?

There are a few different factors that determine how much you’re going to pay for the bleaching process. Probably the biggest factor is where you go to get it done. Each hair stylist has their own prices, and while rates may be fairly consistent within a single city for the sake of competition, you may pay wildly different rates from one city to the next.

How much does bleaching and dyeing hair cost if you go to the salon? When we searched up prices, we found that the average ranges from $150 to $200. It’s going to depend partly on which salon you go to or what services you want done.

The toning treatment is usually part of the process and costs around $60. Coloring your hair may cost upwards of $75, with some salons charging a couple hundred dollars for that technique. It just depends on how they do it and quality of product they use.

If you want to know how much does bleaching your hair cost, you have to look at some of the other factors as well. Longer hair will take longer to bleach and require more product, so that’s going to cost you more.

Dark hair takes extra treatment as well, and the darker your hair is, the more bleach will have to be put in it.

How much does professional hair bleaching cost when you want it done really well? The stylist’s expertise does factor in, so you will pay more for experienced professionals as well as for stylists who are known throughout the city for their skill.

How Long to Wait between Bleaching Hair?

You may have some ideas about how you want to play around with your hair color, moving between auburn and strawberry blonde or even frosted tips. You may be eager to try each of different colors that you’re interested in. How soon after bleaching hair can you bleach again?

Experts recommend giving your hair at least a week to recover, but in some cases it will take a full month. The reason for that is because the hair bleaching process is pretty harsh on your hair. The components inside bleaching products penetrate deep into your hair and actually destroy melanin, or the natural coloring of your hair. This weakens your hair and makes it easy for it to become damaged.

You need to make sure that you’re giving your hair a enough time to strengthen and the melanin enough time to come back. Your hair gets bleached not because a lot of light color is put into it but because your hair is robbed of its coloring.

Bleaching it again will help it retain that light color, but you don’t want to do it too quickly. Be sure to talk to your stylist about how much time you should give your hair to recover.

Darker hair may need more time because more damage is done to the melanin and more product is put into your hair to achieve the desired results.

You probably have a certain color you’re wanting to achieve with the bleaching process, and you may be limited as to how much bleaching agent can be put in at once. You may have to bleach your hair in levels, gradually lightening it over time. This way, you won’t be causing too much damage to the hair follicles.

Your stylist should let you know that you’re not going to be able to lighten your hair more than three levels or three tones at a time . One bleaching session won’t be enough for naturally dark hair to become very light. You won’t be able to bleach it two days in a row or twice in the same day even.

How much space you need between each bleaching session will depend on a few different factors, but it is better to play it safe than to permanently damage your hair. If you don’t give your hair enough time to recover between sessions, it may become weak, brittle, and even fall out.

Why Won’t My Hair Take Color after Bleaching?

Have you tried to color your hair or diet shortly after bleaching it? You probably didn’t care much for the results and didn’t get the kind of color you were aiming for. There are several reasons why your hair might not dye very well after you bleach it.

The first one is simply that you didn’t give your hair enough time to heal. Your hair will need an opportunity to heal from the bleaching process and get a little strength back.

How long after bleaching hair can you dye it? You want to give your hair about two weeks to recover fully. Remember that the melanin in your hair will be greatly depleted, and it won’t be able to provide the protection for you that it’s supposed to.

If you don’t give your hair those two weeks to recover, you may be able to color the hair, but it might not take effect like it should, and you could permanently damage your hair.

You could also have other products in your hair that are affecting the bleach or the dye. Those processes might not take like they should and have the effect they ought to because there’s some remaining product in your hair. Your stylist may ask you about when you last washed your hair and then they may wash your hair for you. This can increase the cost of the bleaching process, but it’s important if you want the bleach to take and you want the coloring to take as well.

If you’re going to have your hair dyed, you should wash it thoroughly first. This helps get rid of any product that may be remaining in your hair and that could affect the dying process.

Maybe the reason your hair dye didn’t take effect in color your hair properly is because you used an expired product. If you allow your hair dye to go past the expiration date before you use it, it could no longer be effective. Did you even know that hair dye has an expiration date? Be sure to check it before you try to use it on your hair.

Most hair dye product will last for several years, but if it’s not stored properly, it could go bad much faster. If it’s been exposed to extreme heat or sunlight, the hair dye may no longer be viable.

Your hair may not take color after bleaching because you messed up the hair dyeing process. If you did it yourself or asked your stylist to do it, but they’re weren’t very experienced at dyeing hair, you might have ended up with poorly dyed hair. The color may not stick because the dye wasn’t left in long enough or some other step in the process had been rushed through or skipped over.

If you want beautiful hair color when you try to dye your hair, then you need to make sure you leave the dye in long enough, following the directions on the package precisely.

This is part of the reason why it’s important to go to a trained stylist who knows what they’re doing. With their experience, they can determine how long the dye needs to be left in based on the product that’s being used, the dying process they are working with, and the type of hair you have. All of these factors affect how the hair dye will interact with your hair.

Should You Bleach Your Hair Yourself?

You might be tempted to bleach or color your hair yourself just to save money. If you know what you’re doing, this could be a good idea and a great way to get the look you want for less. However, if you’re inexperienced and you’re not sure how to use the bleach, you could damage your hair or not get the kind of results you’re hoping for.

It may be worth it to pay the extra money for professional stylists to bleach your hair for you. You may want to do some inquiring to find out which stylists know their stuff and get great results. Then, you can put your hair in their hands and expect that you will get the look you’re going for.

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