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Motivation to Get Out of Bed

Motivation to Get Out of Bed


What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? If your answer is “nothing”, then you may need help with some morning motivation.

This is something that a lot of people experience, finding it difficult to get their day started. They complain of having no motivation to get out of bed, finding themselves spending much longer staying in bed than they had initially planned.

What causes this lack of motivation and how can you fix it? If this is your struggle, keep on reading. There may be some helpful information for you here to give you the motivation you need to get out of bed and get started with your day each morning.

Your Cell Phone May Be a Problem

Do you spend time first thing in the morning looking at your cell phone? That could be one of the biggest hindrances to getting out of bed and getting anything done early in the morning.

The phone can be a distraction, and it can be addictive to keep checking updates, reading messages, scrolling through your phone. The more time you spend with your phone while in bed, the harder it will be to get out of bed.

Think of your phone as a big vacuum that just sucks your motivation right out.

The best way to overcome this problem and get some motivation in the morning is to have some discipline in regards to your phone. Determine not to even look at your phone until you’ve done at least one thing in the morning.

Perhaps that could be something as simple as eating your breakfast, making your bed, or brushing your teeth. If you start to make this simple change, you should notice a difference in your motivation first thing in the morning.

If you need ADHD motivation to get out of bed, putting down the phone could be the solution you’re looking for. It can be a big distraction that’s hard to pull away from, especially if you suffer from some sort of attention deficit disorder.

Start a Morning Routine

Another thing that holds people back from getting out of bed and accomplishing anything first thing in the morning is that they don’t have a routine they used to. Once you get on a morning schedule where you have a set list of things you have to get done each morning, that makes it easier to get out of bed each morning.

If you don’t do those things once you fall into the habit of doing them, you feel like you haven’t started your day properly.

Your morning routine can be as simple as brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, making your bed, exercising, or reading the news. You want to try to accomplish something in the morning, getting something done first thing in the morning can help motivate you to do more things for the rest of the day.

The morning routine can be switched around where you do certain things in a different order each day, but you want to try to keep to the same list of morning activities each day. Messing up that list and trying to do something different can make it hard to stay in the habit of doing a morning routine.

Just having a list of chores to do each morning can be the motivation to get out of bed that you need.

If you can’t find motivation to get out of bed, one of the best things to make a part of your morning routine is some exercise. It gets your body moving and your heart pumping, which is great for making you feel more active.

Start off with some slow exercises first thing in the morning and ease into it, and from there you can pump things up to get into a more intense routine. If you find you have no motivation to get out of bed anymore, starting your day with exercise can be a great way to insert some motivation into your life.

Eat a Good Breakfast

How to find the motivation to get out of bed when you feel like there’s nothing to look forward to? You can give yourself something to look forward to early in the morning by having some breakfast options you enjoy.

If you’re used to eating the same thing almost every day for breakfast and it’s never something you look forward to, it’s a good idea to change things up.

Eating hot food first thing in the morning does wonders for your activity level and also can help to get rid of bloating and gassiness that you may feel first thing in the morning.

Taking tea, hot cocoa, or coffee first thing in the morning, as well as having some hot toast, pop tarts, or pancakes can help with your motivation. Eating cold cereal each morning can keep your body feeling cold rather than spurring you on to activity like warm food would do.

One way how to find motivation to get out of bed in the morning is to have a few breakfast options to choose from. You can make up some food the night before that just needs to be warmed up, or you can have a few different breakfast options on hand.

Some people will stock their fridge with a variety of breakfast meats, while others will keep frozen food like toaster strudels, bagels, or hash browns on hand that they can warm up first thing in the morning.

Set a Pleasing Alarm

Some alarms can be really harsh and they make you feel like your day is starting off miserable. What a lot of people do to help get them moving in the morning is to start the day with a song they like.

It can be something energetic that will get you out of bed and help you with your activity levels, or it can be something soothing and relaxing that is pleasant to wake up to.

Whatever you choose, it ought to be a song that you find enjoyable to replace the harsh sounding alarms that most people have. If you have no motivation to get out of bed when alarm goes off, this can be a way to fix that.

Make Plans

If you’ve come to this page because you’re saying to yourself, “I need motivation to get out of bed over my boyfriend,” then the problem could come down to simply not having anything going on in your life. One way to get motivated and keep yourself moving throughout the day is to make plans for later in the day.

You can make plans to do something with friends or family after school or after work. This gives you something to look forward to and a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

You may find yourself feeling like, “I have no motivation to get out of bed or leave my house.” Simply organizing something to do for the day can help you not just move off the bed in the morning but also get out of the house for the day as well.

Some people make morning exercise plans with friends, finding a walking partner or biking partner. This is helpful for people who work evening schedules.

Giving yourself something to do in the morning that is active and that requires a commitment from you can help you to get moving first thing. You should schedule a definite time to meet up with your friend, and this will help you to get out the door earlier in the morning.

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