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Protection Jar

How to Make a Protection Jar


The idea of a spell jar comes from wiccan beliefs, but it is comparable to manifestation beliefs, which are fairly widespread these days.

I keep hearing about how people are manifesting their dreams, their hopes, and even their fears because of the way they think and the kinds of things they do each day. Along the same idea of manifesting something by thinking about it or working toward it is the notion of a protection jar.

What Is a Protection Jar?

In the simplest terms, a protection jar can be any kind of jar with any kind of herbs, spices, or essential oils that you label as a protection jar. You don’t necessarily have to slap a label onto it, but just classify it in your mind as your protection jar. Then, you place it in a key area in your home where it will do the most good.

You might think of this as a placebo effect because of how you feel about manifestation or spells, but there is no denying the psychological results that protective artifacts have. People wear necklaces with precious stones in them and call that their good luck charm or something they wear for protection.

Other people may put a sign or artifact over their door and say it keeps them safe. Someone else might put a bumper sticker on their car that makes them feel better and reaffirms their beliefs. All of these are very different things, yet they reassure us and provide a measure of peace of mind.

All of these follow the same kind of thinking as the protection jar. They don’t necessarily have to have magic to do you good, but knowing that item is there can make you feel better.

If you are interested in how to make a protection jar, then I will share with you the basics for you to be able to make your own. The details I am going to give you are based on established spell, witchcraft, and manifestation practices.

How to Make a Protection Spell Jar

The jar doesn’t have to be anything special. You can use a mason jar or something like that and figure out where you want to put it. The jar should have a secure lid so that your contents will stay inside and not fall out if the cat knocks it over or something like that.

When picking out the jar, consider how it is going to be used and where you are going to put it. If you want to take your protection jar with you, then pick a jar that will be small enough to go into your handbag. If you want to place it on a shelf, then it needs to be small enough to fit there.

You can decide whether you want the jar to be highly visible for everyone to notice it or if you want it inconspicuous. That kind of decision can determine how big it should be.

The contents can be very important or not really important at all, depending on your beliefs. You can choose something that smells nice or something that is in line with witchcraft beliefs as a strong protecting spell. I think just going through the process of creating a protection jar will be helpful for many people.

What to Put in a Protection Jar

There are certain kinds of herbs and oils that are believed to have spiritual powers. Some of them cleanse your spiritual issues, and others will protect you from harmful forces or from negative thoughts. When making a protection jar, you want to focus mainly on ingredients that will keep you safe, but you can also use things that are purifying or cleansing.

The spell jar could contain images, feathers, herbs, crystals, oils, or other things. You don’t necessarily have to limit its contents to plants, as there are many items that have spiritual powers. Some of those will be personal to you, and others will be useful for anyone who picks them up and carries them with them.

So, what to put in a protection spell jar? Let me share with you a list of items you could use, though you can find other lists online that may be helpful if you don’t have some of these items.

  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Pine (cones or needles)
  • Holly
  • Black hematite
  • Smoky quartz
  • Parsley
  • Obsidian

You don’t have to have all of these items in your protection jar. As many of them as you can find and put in there will be fine, but the more you have from the list, the more effective it will be. Each one of these items has its own attributes and powers, and then together they provide even better protection.

How to Make a House Protection Jar

The process for making the jar up properly and completing the spell is really simple. It isn’t enough to put these items into a jar. You also need to carry out the instructions for the protection spell.
Start by putting each item into the jar one by one. As you do, look at the item and think about your intentions for the spell- protecting yourself, your family, and your house.

Then, write down on a piece of paper your intention in your own words. This can be as simple as “I will be safe” or “I will be protected”. Put that piece of paper into the jar with the other items. While the jar is still open, light a candle and speak your intention out loud, using the same words you wrote down.

Then, close the jar and seal it with wax. It can then be placed somewhere in your home or in your handbag. Many people will place a protection jar next to their front door, to use it like a protective ward. Others will put it next to their bed so they can see the jar every time they wake up or lie down to sleep. That reminds them of what the jar represents and helps them to feel better if they are experiencing a feeling of not being safe.

As I mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of protection spells and different sets of ingredients that you can use. The method I have given you is just one of many, so feel free to search up some other options if this one isn’t to your liking or it uses items you don’t have easy access to.


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