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Himalayan Salt Lamp on Black Background

How to Clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp


Himalayan salt lamps look magical and otherworldly with their glowing crystal appearance. These are made from crystals that have been hollowed out to make space for a light bulb.

Once they are turned on, the light passes through the crystal to make an ethereal glow that is really pretty.

The rock crystals tend to be amber in color, so all of the lamps emit a similarly colored glow. These are really popular among holistic health people and those who are into natural healing remedies.

There are said to be some health benefits to having a Himalayan salt lamp around. Supposedly, they help you to breathe better, treat asthma, reduce allergy symptoms, purify the air, and even help your mood.

Should You Clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Over time, the lamp can pick up dust and dirt from the environment. It may start to look dull and not as shiny and bright. You may be worried about how effective it is once it starts to lose some of its brightness.

To clean a salt lamp could involve anything from wiping it down to using chemical cleaners to washing it off, but should you clean a salt lamp?

The lamp can collect dust and grime, and if you touch it, you can get oils from your hands on it. All of this will keep it from shining as brightly as it supposed to.

There is a method you can use to clean it off, but you want to be really careful with the lamp. If you drop it, it could be chipped or even shatter if it falls on a hard surface from any height.

You also don’t want to clean it while it’s plugged in, as you could be hurt by the heat of the light bulb or experience and electrical shock.

You definitely don’t want to use any harsh cleaners on the rock. That can damage the crystal, and some people have concerns about it diluting and canceling out the healing and purifying powers of the lamp.

While you can clean the lamp to make it shiny again and get rid of dust and other residue on it, you want to be careful about how you do that. You don’t want to destroy your investment or make it less effective.

How to Clean a Salt Lamp

We talked about all the dangers and risks of trying to clean up this type of lamp. So, what’s the best method for how to clean a Himalayan salt lamp?

In most cases, it’s as simple as wiping down. The first one to come plug that lamp and then set it somewhere where it won’t easily fall.

My preferred place is to set it on a carpeted area with the salt lamp resting in my lap. That way, if it drops, it won’t be damaged at all.

You can take a dry cloth that’s not rough and just wipe the lamp from one end to the other. You may want to wipe the inside and the outside.

To make it easier to access the inside and to ensure that you don’t crack the light bulb, you should take the lamp apart.

This method for how to clean a dusty Himalayan salt lamp works really well and is very simple.

If you’re having trouble getting the dust to come off, you can slightly dampen the cloth with some water and then wipe the lamp down. It’s best to use a dry cloth to get rid of the wet residue on the lamp afterwards, though.

This lamp is supposed to have antimicrobial/antibiotic abilities, so you shouldn’t need to use any sterilizing cleaners on it. It just needs to be wiped down and cleaned off. It shouldn’t have to be sanitized or disinfected.

If germs do get on lamp, they won’t last there for very long before they become inert.

How to Clean Salt Lamp Residue

If your lamp starts to shed, weep, or otherwise give off some sort of residue, then you’ll probably want to clean that up. Why is it doing that, though?

It’s because the rock that the lamp is made from absorbs moisture. The Himalayan crystal is designed to stay on all the time and stay heated. Most people just need their lamp activated all day long.

You may be concerned about the power drain that creates, but you should know it uses very little electricity. The only time you shouldn’t need to turn the lamp off is to clean it.

If you do leave it out for a while, though, it probably will start shedding, especially if you’re in a humid environment. Let me share with you a method for how to clean up the salt lamp residue that it leaves behind.

You can take dry cloth and wipe down the moisture residue on the salt lamp. That’s really all you should have to do as far as maintenance goes for this lamp.

When you wipe down the residue, it is best to unplug the lamp just so that you don’t have any difficulties there.

If you’re going to leave your Himalayan salt lamp off for a while and you want to keep it from sweating or creating moisture residue, then wrap it up at tightly in a plastic bag.

Tie the top of the bag so that moisture can’t come in or seal the bag shut if you’re using a resealable plastic bag.

Himalayan salt lamps are really easy to care for. If you follow the advice we’ve given you here, you shouldn’t have any difficulties. It should last you for a long time and be super simple to maintain and keep clean.

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