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Oat Milk Latte

How to Make Oat Milk Lattes and Are they Healthy?


Do you absolutely love oat milk lattes you get from the coffee shop and wish you could make them at home? Well, you can, and I am going to show you how.

This is a delightful beverage that is excellent for people who are lactose intolerant. Oat milk is derived from plants, so there is no dairy in it at all. It won’t make you feel bloated or gassy like regular milk does, but it still has a creamy texture to it.

The mild oatmeal flavor shouldn’t turn off most people, and it froths very well for making lattes and other rich coffee beverages.

If oat milk lattes are your obsession but you would prefer to make them at home so you can save money or make them to your liking, then you are in luck. I have you covered here with a complete guide to making homemade oat milk lattes using simple ingredients and methods that practically anyone can do.

How to Make Oat Milk Latte at Home

Let me share with you this simple step-by-step guide to making an oat milk latte:

  1. Start off by brewing your coffee however you like. You can use an expresso machine, a French Press, a Keurig, or a coffeemaker. Even instant coffee works.
  2. Next, warm up a cup of oat milk in a pot on the stovetop. Once it is warm, whisk the oat milk. Continue heating on medium until the milk is warm and is starting to get thick.
  3. Take the pot off the heat and pour the oat milk into a blender. Keep blending until you see foam at the top. If you don’t have a blender available, you can just use a frothing wand.
  4. Then, pour out the coffee from your coffeemaker into your coffee mug. You can add expresso to it at this point if you want to make it stronger. Be sure to save space for the oat milk.
  5. Finally, empty the oat milk over your coffee and skim the foam to place on top of the coffee to create a latte.

What is the Best Oat Milk for Lattes

Some oat milks simply work better for making lattes than others, whether it is their creaminess, flavor, or how well they steam.

Here are my top picks for making homemade oat milk lattes:

Oatly – This oat milk steams so well, and the full fat version is really flavorful.
Planet Oat – This one doesn’t foam quite as well as some of the other choices here, but the flavor is spot on.
Chobani – I prefer the extra creamy option, and it is so good for steaming and isn’t overpowering in its flavor.
Silk Oat Yeah – This one wins more points for taste than foaminess, but it is still a decent option.

Are Oat Milk Lattes Healthy?

If you are choosing oat milk instead of dairy milk for health reasons, then you need to know a few things about oat milk that might come as a surprise to you. The main reason to choose oat milk is because it is not dairy. Oat milk is not necessarily healthier than dairy milk, though.

Are oat milk lattes bad for you? If you are like most people, you like your latte to be creamy and sweet. That is fine in limited quantities, but if you are having large lattes regularly, then you are probably consuming a lot more sugar than you should be.

Many oat milks are very sweet, and you definitely want to consider the sugar content when you pick an oat milk. If you care about healthiness and fat in your lattes, then choose oat milks that are low in fat and sugar.

How healthy this kind of latte is depends on how you make it and which ingredients you use.

Are Oat Milk Lattes Fattening?

For those trying to watch their waistline, a latte might not be the best option. Oat milk lattes tend to have plenty of sugar and carbs, with the Starbucks version offering 42 grams of carbohydrates and 28 grams of sugar per serving. That’s not very good for you, but of course if you make it at home, you can control what goes into the latte. You can decide how fattening it will be and learn different tactics to make it less fattening and healthier.

How to Make Homemade Oat Milk for Lattes

Did you know that you can make your own oat milk at home? If you are looking for a way to control the fat and sugar content of your oat milk lattes, then this is an excellent way to do that. Making homemade oat milk is a bit complicated, so I will share the method for you in recipe form.


• 1 cup of rolled or steel cut oats
• 1 pinch of salt
• 3-4 cups of water


  1. Mix together oats, water, and salt in a blender and cover. For thicker oat milk, use less water. For thinner milk, use more. Blend for about a minute, until everything is combined smoothly. (Beware of blending too much, since that can make for a slimy milk.)
  2. Take a small amount out of the blender and taste test. Determine if it needs some sugar. (You can use dates for sweetness, if you prefer).
  3. Once you are happy with the level of sweetness, you can pour all of the blender contents into a large mixing bowl and cover it with a thin towel. Then, strain the milk through the towel to get the oat bits out. (Strainers and nut milk bags tend to leave some residue in your milk.)
  4. Put the contents into a sealed container and place in the refrigerator. You can keep homemade oat milk in the fridge for about 5 days before it needs to be used up.

Notes: If you heat homemade oat milk, it will become too thick and unusable.

To sweeten the oat milk or give it more flavor, you can add a half teaspoon of vanilla extract, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, a pitted date, or a quarter cup of berries.

Is Oat Milk Good for Lattes?

The right kind of oat milk works very well for lattes. If you have been reading through all of this article so far, you will have learned that the best way to make a homemade oat milk latte is to heat up the milk on the stove before adding it to your coffee. You cannot do that with homemade oat milk.

If you are hoping for a steamed latte or a foamy one, then you want to use the proper oat milk. Not all of them are able to steam or froth well. You may need to read some reviews or do some experimentation to see what works best for you.

Keep in mind that some oat milks have stronger flavors than others. If you don’t want the flavor to affect your latte, then pay attention to the ingredients and be aware of the strength of the flavor for each of the different oat milks.

Oat milk can work very well for homemade lattes, but you just need to keep the different factors in mind as you make your own.

How to Make Decaf Oat Milk Lattes

If you are wanting to make a decaffeinated oat milk latte for yourself, then just follow the directions I gave you earlier about making homemade lattes. Instead of regular coffee, use decaf coffee. It is as simple as that.



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