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What Is Cycling Tabata Intervals and What are the Benefits


If high intensity workouts are too time intensive for you, then Tabata intervals might be a better option. They take the idea of the HIIT (high intensity impact training) and speed things up even faster, requiring shorter workout periods and even higher levels of intensity from you. Imagine the kind of gains you would see from doing workouts like that.

If you have never heard of Tabata intervals before and you are looking for a way to improve your workout and increase your gains, then this article is for you.

Maybe you already know a bit about these intervals but are not sure if they are right for you. Hopefully, this information will enable you to make a more informed decision.

What Are Tabata Intervals?

The idea of Tabata intervals can be applied to all sorts of different workouts, from running on a treadmill to push ups to cycling.

In general, the Tabata method requires a 4-minute round that is made up of 20-second intervals of high intensity activity and then 10 seconds of rest. There are eight of these in the round, and once the full 4-minute round is finished, you then recover for a few moments and then go into the next round. It is a very efficient method of working out, but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

This kind of high intensity workout will be challenging for people who are not very physically fit, but if you are looking to get more from your training regimen, this could be an excellent way to shoot past your plateaus and do something different that will boost your progress.

Most of the time, Tabata intervals are done for just 20 minutes, but you could always do it for longer or shorter, depending on your preference and ability. You may also find that you need to rest for longer than 10 seconds. That 10-second rest interval is important if you are going to maximize gains, but it can be adjusted as well to make the training method work for you.

What Is Tabata Training in Cycling?

This method of training can be applied to cycling to help boost your performance and gains. You can use the exact same workout intervals we just gave you and try them when cycling on a stationary bike.

Doing 20 seconds of intense pedaling followed by 10 seconds of rest may not sound like much, but if you do that over and over for four minutes, you will definitely work up a sweat and burn some energy.

The hope is to burn fat, produce muscle, and increase cardio and physical performance over time. The more of these intervals you do, the more your performance should improve over the weeks of workouts.

You definitely want to spend some time warming up, though. Warmup time is super important for HIIT and Tabata intervals. This will limber your body and improve flexibility so that you don’t injure yourself and so that you have a shorter recovery time. This also helps to reduce muscle soreness for the hours and days after your workout.

If you don’t warm up first, you will be moving from a period of no activity or little activity to high intensity activity. That is not healthy for your body. It can take your muscles and heart by surprise, causing a severe reaction that shocks your system and overtaxes it.

By warming up, you prepare your body, getting it ready for the workout to come. This gives your entire body and its systems a chance to acclimate and prepares them for what you are about to do.

You should also have a cool down period following your Tabata intervals. This eases you out of the workout rather than stopping suddenly. By having a cool down and warm up period on either side of the Tabata intervals, you are trying to keep your body from feeling shocked and overwhelmed.

How Often Should You Do Tabata Cycling?

The Tabata interval cycling method is very powerful, but it can be draining. It may not be something you want to do every time you work out. You might want to spread it out a bit and make sure you are not overdoing it. How often should you be using these intervals in your cycling?

If you are serious about making Tabata intervals work for you and maximizing your potential gains with this method, then try the following workout schedule. Work out with the Tabata intervals as you cycle for five days a week. Make that five days in a row, and then you can spend the sixth day cutting back.

Do a workout that is 70% as intense as the full Tabata workout, with 30 minutes of activity, doing a total of 4 intervals. Then, on the seventh day you can take a rest. Do this for a full six weeks before switching over to a different workout plan.

That should give you incredible gains, and you should make astounding progress.

Is Tabata Cycling Good for Weight Loss?

Not every kind of workout is ideal for weight loss. Some of them help you to gain weight, especially if they are meant to turn fat into muscle over time. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

But what about Tabata intervals? Can you use them effectively to lose weight and get rid of fat or do they cause you to bulk up and strengthen?

You can actually lose a lot of weight with this type of workout. Because it is an aerobic, cardio activity, it burns water weight and fatty weight very well.

There is no strength training here or resistance exercises involved, so you are not creating muscle nearly as much as you are burning fat. That is good news for anyone hoping to lose weight quickly.

HIIT and Tabata intervals both heat up your body quickly, and getting your body temperature high is a great way to burn off fat. You should notice a serious difference in your body weight after doing this method for six weeks.

What Are the Benefits Of Tabata Intervals?

We have already spoken a little bit about how this workout method can be quite beneficial. There are plenty of reasons why people will try Tabata intervals as their workout plan. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

1. Improved Performance

You are exerting your body at a high intensity for a while, which should increase your ability to push yourself hard in the future.

2. Weight Loss

You can burn weight quickly with this method that heats up your body and uses aerobic exercises in high intensity intervals to create a powerful workout.

3. Better Endurance

Even though these workouts are relatively short, they can give you increased endurance because of how hard they push you and how much they make you exert yourself.

4. No More Plateaus

If you are plateauing in your workout and not seeing any gains, then switching things up to a high intensity Tabata interval method can help you get past that hurdle.

5. Increased Heart Health

The cardio activity in these intervals is really good for your heart, and they build up heart strength so that you may live longer and enjoy a lower risk of heart disease.

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