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How to do the perfect plie squat

How to Do Plie Squats the Right Way


There are multiple different types of squats, from Sumo squat, Bulgarian squat and many more and I want to share with you here how to do a plie squat.

This is a strengthening exercise that works your calves, legs, and glutes, and it will also help give you more flexibility in your hip area. You’ll enjoy a greater range of motion in your lower body by doing this particular type of squat.

It’s known by some other names, also called the sumo squat, and it targets the inner thighs in particular, as well as your glutes and your hamstrings.

This squat originally came from the Plie ballet position, and it uses a similar form and motion where your back needs to stay straight while you do it and your knees are bent. It’s always a wide stance squat with your toes turned out from the rest of your body.

How to Do a Plie Squat – The Right Way

Now, I want to share with you how to do plie squats. Doing it the correct way ensures that you get all the benefits and don’t injure yourself.

Start by standing with your feet wide apart. You want them a little wider than your shoulders. Point your toes out at about a 45-degree angle and then bend your knees. As you bend, you want to lower your torso and make sure that your abs are kept tight. Your back should be kept straight the entire time you’re doing this exercise.

You’ll enjoy a greater range of motion in your lower body by doing this particular type of squat.

You should continue to bend down until your thighs are almost parallel with the floor. Then, squeeze your glutes and return to the starting position

plie squat correct

You can also add weights to the plie squats to work the upper body a little bit and gain some extra muscles. This method for how to do plie squats keeps things simple and easy, but there are ways to modify it and make it more challenging for yourself.

You can also try pulsing at the bottom of these squats for about 15 seconds, which is a quick up and down movement that doesn’t put you fully back up to the standing position.

You can also increase the speed and intensity of these squats to make them more powerful for you.

Why Do Plie Squats

The advantage of doing this kind of squat over some of the other ones is that they target specific muscles, particularly your inner thighs and glutes.

If you’re looking to get strong, toned legs or a shapely, taut bottom, then plie squats are an excellent exercise to use. They also work your hamstrings and your quads, so they help you to build strong legs for quick, nimble movement.

What are the Benefits of Doing the Plie Squat

  • Improved range of motion
  • Stronger inner thighs
  • Strengthens the abductor muscle

You’ll improve your range of motion and be able to do more without feeling sore or stretched.

Plie squats put a lot of focus on the inner thighs and adductor muscle, which are not worked by a lot of other kinds of exercises.

If you’re looking to tone up these parts of the body, plie squats are one of the best ways to do that. You can get great-looking thighs that are lean and strong, especially when you pair plie squats as part of a regular exercise regimen with a healthy diet.

What Muscles do Plie Squats Work

Plie Squats open up your hips and put you in a little bit of a different stance than regualr squats do. You’ll be able to stretch muscles that may not normally get stretched, so be careful about going too fast and hard with these at first.

But if you want to work some of your underworked muscles and get a great-looking, toned lower body all around, then you’ll need to do exercises like these.

You will probably start to feel a burn in the inner thigh when you do these exercises, and that’s a good thing. It means your muscles are being worked, and they’re going to strengthen.

If you want to build muscle there, you’ll need to couple these squats with a protein-rich diet. Protein is essential for building muscles.


Any kind of exercise that strengthens your glutes is going to tone and shape your buttocks. Plie squats are great for doing that, and they’re working the largest muscle in the body.

You will benefit more from this exercise than just getting a great-looking tush. You’ll also boost your overall athletic capabilities, enabling you to run faster, jump higher, and do more.

You’ll also make it easier to do just about any kind of workout because of how useful and well utilized the gluteus maximus muscle is.

Do You Need Gym Equipment for a Plie Squat

You don’t need any gym equipment, and you don’t even need much space. They can be done in the comfort of your own home, and you don’t even need to change into gym clothes to pull them off.

It’s a good exercise that can be done anywhere, even when you’re traveling or taking a break at work. The accessibility, convenience, and ease of these exercises make them a great anywhere workout you can fit into your day whenever you want to burn a few calories or make progress towards your fitness goals.

They’re also excellent at improving your stability and your balance. That’s not terribly surprising since the plie squats come from ballet movements. The stance required for this exercise means you’re having to focus on your balance a little bit.

You’ll put your body in positions it’s not used to in order to pull off this kind of squat, so that’s going to benefit your balance and stability, even when you’re not in that particular pose.

You’ll improve core stability and lower body stability as well. Keep at these exercises, and you’ll see all kinds of benefits.

However if you enjoy doing a plie squat and you’re just looking for ways to make your favourite squat harder, add a barbell weight and keep increasing over time. This will help to build additional muscle.

plie squat with weights

Should Plie Squats Be a Warmup

Any good exercise regimen has warm up exercises to help limber up your muscles and prevent muscle soreness following the workout. Where should you incorporate plie squats into your workout routine? Can you use them as your warmup exercise?

I wouldn’t recommend starting your workout routine with this kind of squat. That’s because you tend to bend pretty far for plie squats, and you’re putting a lot of force on your thighs when you do this exercise.

I would suggest instead starting with a more traditional stretch, particularly to stretch out your lower body before you move on to these squats. They are a great secondary exercise or something you might open up your workout routine with after you’ve done your warm-up stretches.

You’ll improve core stability and lower body stability as well. Keep at these exercises, and you’ll see all kinds of benefits.

From there, you can move on to the plie squats and then go on to something more intense. Because they’re not too intense and the speed can be pretty relaxed, there are good exercise to put near the beginning of your workout or near the end to help your body wind down.

You can do about 10 squats for a single set, take a break, and move onto additional sets. Try to get in about three sets two or three times a week in order to see good results.

Once you’re comfortable doing the regular plie squats, you can add weights to them or make them more intense or even do the pulsing movement for some of them. This way, you’ll get even better results from your workouts.

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