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Ear Blackheads

How to Get Blackheads out of Your Ears


Blackheads are caused by obstructions in the pores. While blackheads are dark and they look like they’re composed of dirt, they usually contain a few different components.

Blackheads tend to be a mixture of dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. Those don’t become dark on their own. What darkens them is when they oxidize as they come into contact with air.

Blackheads can appear in various parts of face and are most common in people who are suffering from acne. A lot of acne products will treat blackheads, and there are also specific blackhead treatments that you will usually find right next to the acne medication at your pharmacy.

Did you know that blackheads can manifest in your ears? Usually, blackheads will appear on your nose, cheeks, or chin, but they can definitely appear in your ears as well.

How to get blackheads out of your ears? We will show you how with some proven blackhead removal methods that work well for those blackheads you may find in your ears.

This handy guide can show you how to deal with blackheads, even if they are hiding in your ears.

Why Do You Get Blackheads in Your Ears?

In order to prevent blackheads from popping up in your ears next time and making sure they don’t keep causing your problems, you ought to know how they ended up in your ears.

Keep in mind that blackheads are caused by oil and dead skin cells that are blocking up your pores. They keep your pores from secreting like they should, and that causes a buildup of pus, creating acne or blackheads.

Ears are prone to blackheads because there are lots of glands in there that are producing ear wax and oil, plus there’s lots of little hair follicles in there too.

In fact, you have hundreds of tiny hairs inside your ears, and if the pores around where the hairs grow are blocked up, you may end up with acne or blackhead.

If the glands in your ears start making too much oil, your skin can get irritated and break out with acne.

Here’s what could be happening that can cause your wax and oil to build up and dead skin cells to accumulate and block pores in your ears.

You might have dead skin cells and bacteria sticking to your cell phone. Your cell phone is placed next to your ear, of course, and it can be a very unsanitary device. Most people carry their cell phone with them everywhere and use it hundreds of times a day.

That means the cell phone can be incredibly filthy, and placing it next to your ear can invite oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria inside your ear. Your pores can get blocked and the glands that produce oil and start producing too much oil, resulting in a blackhead.

If you touch your ears, that can transfer bacteria from your hands and oils from your fingers into the pores of your ears.

You can also get bacteria into your ears from your pillowcase, as well as dandruff, hair follicles, dead skin cells, and other things that can block up your pores. Another way debris gets into your ears and causes blackheads is from your headphones.

They can be caked with earwax, dirt, and oil, and it’s a good idea to clean your headphones off regularly, particularly before you put them into your ears.

How Do You Get Rid Of Blackheads In Your Ears?

You’ve identified the blackheads and seen that they’re hanging out in your ears, so, what can you do about it? How to get rid of blackheads out of the inside of your ears?

The first most important step is to keep your ears clean. That means you need to take the following preventative measures to keep your ears from getting any dirtier:

  • Use a clean pillowcase each night
  • Wipe down your phone with antibacterial wipes
  • Clean your headphones before you put them in your ear every time
  • Try to avoid touching your ears with your fingers

Then, you can clean your ears a few different ways. You can use a gentle cleanser that is good for fighting acne and for exfoliating your skin, like salicylic acid. You can buy this generically, and it is also an ingredient in many acne treatments.

You can douse a cotton ball in this cleanser and rub it gently on the affected areas. Then, rinse off the cleanser using a clean cotton ball that is doused with water. Warm water is the best kind of water to use for gently and effectively cleaning your ears.

You can use the same treatment to clean skin anywhere on your face that has a blackhead or an acne breakout. This is a cheap, safe, and effective way to deal with acne and blackheads.

It’s important to clean your skin every day, and the best time to clean it is first thing in the morning when you wake up and right before you go to sleep.

What this does in the morning is clean up the dead cells and any oil that may have accumulated during the night. What it does before bed is cleanse your skin before you lay down on your pillow so that dead skin cells and oil are not trapped between your pillow and your face.

How Do You Prevent Blackheads In Your Ears

Okay, so we’ve talked about keeping your skin clean so that blackheads don’t get worse and don’t start in the first place. How to get blackheads out of your ears using house utensils?

There are some tools you can use to remove blackheads.

You want to be careful about using bobby pins, safety pins, or your fingernails to scratch off or extract the blackhead. It’s better to use in extractor tool that is made specifically for this job.

Make sure the extractor is sterilized before you try to use it. Also make sure the area on and around the blackhead is cleansed before trying to extract.

You don’t want to press the extractor directly onto the blackhead as this can rip your skin. Instead, sweep the metal loop of the extractor across the blackhead to pull it out.

Make sure you clean off the extractor and your year once you’re done extracting. This way, you prevent the spread of oils and acne around the ear.

You might have some trouble pulling out a blackhead from the ear all by yourself. If you can’t quite reach it or you can’t see exactly where it is, it’s a good idea to get someone to help you.

Blackhead removal can be quick and painless and easy in most cases. It’s not always going to be easy, and sometimes the method used for blackhead removal simply won’t work.

If you have blackheads that spread across your face and ears or blackheads that come back persistently in your ears, then it’s time to visit a dermatologist.

Dermatologists may be able to treat blackheads in a few different ways using more effective treatments than what you have available to you at home or over the counter. Dermatologists will use professional extraction tools to get rid of blackheads or even provide an oral medication to help with the problem.

One thing to note about acne medication is that it can make you sun sensitive, so it’s a good idea to wear plenty of sunscreen and to make sure you dress properly when you go outside, if you are taking acne medication.

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