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Blonde woman having tape extensions put in hair

How to Dry Tape in Hair Extensions


Putting in hair extensions can be an investment. Either you paid money for someone to put them in for you or at least bought them and then put them in yourself. Either way, they’re not free.

On top of that, putting in the extensions can help you achieve a look you’re going for, and that can be an investment in your appearance and your personal style.

You don’t want all that to go to waste, which is why you need to be careful about how you handle the hair extensions. Tape in extensions can fall out if you’re not treating them properly.

You may be wondering if it’s okay to wash and dry your hair when you have these in, and then the process for how to dry tape in hair extensions may be something you want to be careful with as well.

Because we don’t want you to completely waste your investment and damage your hair style, we want to share with you a method for how to dry hair with tape in extensions put in.

Reduce the Need for Drying

Drying your hair can be tough on the extensions, so you may want to keep your hair dry as much as possible. That way, you won’t need to artificially dry it by using a blow dryer or something else.

It’s not a bad idea to keep your hair from getting wet if at all possible while you have the extensions in.

That may mean not washing your hair in the shower every time you bathe and not getting your hair wet when you go for a swim.

You can always tie your hair up in a shower cap or swim cap to keep it dry during these activities. That way, you won’t have to be so conscious about where your hair is in relation to the water.

You probably also want to avoid working out very much while the extensions are in. Your scalp can become sweaty when you work out, making your hair sweaty as well.

If you’re not washing the extensions, which you probably won’t do with tape in extensions, then your hair can start to smell grungy and nasty from not being washed for a while and from having all that oil and grease accumulate there.

It’s best just to hold off on the exercise until you get the extensions taken out.

How to Blow Dry Tape in Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for quick drying method and you want to know how to dry tape in hair extensions fast, you can use a blow dryer.

However, if you’re not careful, the blow dryer can melt the synthetic extensions. They can be damaged very easily and look awful when you’re using improper drying techniques.

Of course, the tape that’s used for keeping the extensions in can lose its adhesiveness when it’s heated up.

So, how to blow dry hair with tape in extensions? You can dry your hair upside down, and that keeps the blow dryer away from the tape. However, that also puts extra weight on the tape, making it difficult for it to do its job.

It’s quite possible that hair extensions will fall out if you’re trying to blow dry the hair extensions with your hair hanging upside down.

You really shouldn’t use the blow dryer when you have hair extensions, as heat will damage synthetic extensions. If you want to keep tape in extensions in, don’t expose them to direct heat.

So, for a fast way to dry your tape in hair extensions, try using a towel. You do need to be careful about how much force you’re using on the extensions, as you can pull them out easily using this drying method. However, this is the fastest way to dry your hair extensions.

Just be very gentle and proceed gingerly, and then make sure you’re using a soft towel rather than a course one.

How to Wash and Dry Tape in Hair Extensions

We talked about some advice for how to blow dry your hair with tape in extensions and that you really shouldn’t do that, but what is the best way to dry your hair? Even using a towel is a dangerous method for drying.

Is perfectly fine to wash your hair with these kinds of extensions in. In fact, it’s more important than normal to wash your hair. That’s because your hair is going to be thicker with the extensions in.

As your head sweats, the sweat and oil will have a harder time drying out naturally. You’ll have to make sure that you wash your hair frequently and thoroughly so that it smells fresh.

You’ll want to be sure that you work your shampoo and conditioner through the extensions and down to your scalp for best results. A lot of hair extensions are made using human hair, and they need proper treatment to look their best.

To dry your hair, the best option is to let it dry naturally. You can wrap it up in a towel for a while to help the hair dry a little faster, but letting it air out as you go about your business is a great way to dry the hair out completely without damaging the extensions or the tape. This will help your extensions last for a long time and give you a lot of value from your investment.

If you are letting your hair dry out naturally, you should know that it takes longer with extensions in. There’s more hair there to dry, and your hair will likely be thicker from the outside of the hair down to the scalp. That’s more matter that air has to circulate through to fully dry everything out.

Some people will need a few extra hours for their hair to fully dry, so plan your shower ahead of time so that you’re not going to bed with a wet head of hair.

Be sure to talk to your hairstylist about how you should care for your tape in hair extensions. Your stylist can give you personalized advice that will help you to make the extensions last longer.

Care for Your Extensions

Your hair extensions will need more than just washing and drying on a regular basis. Your hair stylist will likely recommend that you brush your hair several times a day. This is important, as it keeps your hair extensions in good condition, and it keeps you from having to go back to the stylist very often.

Take your time as you brush, making sure that you work your way from the roots of your hair all the way to the tips and work through every layer. This is time consuming, but it’s the only way to keep your hair looking great when you have tape in extensions in.

Just be careful that you don’t yank on the extensions and pull them out as you brush.

Your hairstylist may be able to recommend some brushing techniques you can use to help keep your extensions in and yet give your hair a clean, tidy look.

Once you get the extensions put in, though, don’t skip washing, drying, and brushing.

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